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Beacon lady episode 35: Du Yuntang, Tong Yuwan embraces Li Shaofeng and exposes Yun Gu's Secret

Tong Yuwan becomes the first female director of Du's company, but Li Xuemei discovers that the devil Yun Gu stealthily kisses Shen Zhipei's lips, which leads to the vicious secret that Yun Gu has hidden for a long time. Will the affair of Li Xuemei and Li Shaofeng be shaken out by Yun Gu? Will the relationship between Du Yuntang and Tong Yuwan be relaxed?

Fiberhome beauty episode 35

The end of Wantang

Li Shaofeng is puzzled about what Yun Gu has done. He asks the little white dove about her ways in the world. He knows that Yun Gu will come to Lingquan temple, which makes the master of the temple break Li Xuemei's fate and make her fall out of favor and die in pain. Li Shaofeng is going to expose Yun Gu's secret for many years & hellip; & hellip;

Yun Gu is sure to fall into the trap. Li Shaofeng gets the secret of using the eight characters of her birthday to murder Xie Yulan. For fear that she will be abandoned by Shen Zhipei, Yun Gu has to obey Li Shaofeng and take away Shen Wangzhi, the son of Mrs. Jin.

Mrs. Jin helps Zhou Mingchang imprison Du ruohuan. In order to make Du ruohuan willing to stay, she entices her to sign a contract to sell herself to Zhou Mingchang.

Wang Zhi was kidnapped by nanny Yun Gu when she was chasing a kite. Li Shaofeng threatened Mrs. Jin with Wang Zhi's life and death, asking her to take care of Pierre and let Pierre become his right-hand assistant in competing for Jingbang Street Wharf. Mrs. Jin could only agree to Li Shaofeng's request in anger for Wang Zhi's safety.

Mrs. Jin seduces Pierre with a seemingly underage adopted daughter. The romantic Pierre steps into the trap. Li Shaofeng threatens Pierre with a scandal to help him design a reconstruction plan for Jingbang street. Pierre is surprised at the shamelessness of Mrs. Jin's means and slaps her hard. Mrs. Jin hates Li Shaofeng to death.

Du Yuntang and Tong Yuwan wait for Pierre's arrival. They are told that Mr. Pierre sent Huang Meigui to express his apology and would rather pay three times of the liquidated damages than terminate the contract. Du Yuntang, contrary to his usual calm attitude, wants to ask Pierre about it, because this time it is his intention to start over with Yu Wan.

Tong Yuwan sleeps all night in order to revise the plan. He breaks into Du Yuntang's study by mistake. He finds that Du Yuntang, who seems to be careless, has devoted all his efforts to this project. Only then can he understand that his dandy and dissolute are just appearances. Du Yuntang said that he grew up in a family house fight, and he was not used to showing his sincerity. The more he cared, the more he wanted to show his carelessness. Tong Yuwan began to understand Du Yuntang, and they hugged each other tightly to resolve the previous misunderstanding.