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New Tianlong 8 Episode 4 Duan Yu poisoned and imprisoned

In order to save Mu Wanqing, Duan Yu jumps into the cliff with her, and Mu Wanqing falls in love with Duan Yu and promises to marry Duan Yu. Unexpectedly, he is followed by Yue Laoer, and Mu Wanqing jumps off the cliff again without knowing where to go. During this period, the Wulin conference was held, and many gangs gathered together. Of course, Qiao Feng will also be among them. For Murong Fu, who wants to dominate, he will not be absent.

New Tianlong Part 8 Episode 4

Mu Rongfu appears at Taishan Martial Arts Contest

Old Yue Er comes to Mu Wanqing and Duan Yu and asks Duan Yu to worship him as a teacher. Standing on one side, Mu Wanqing doesn't like old Yue er's behavior. In addition, she killed an apprentice of old Yue Er before. Knowing that she will die, she turns and jumps down the cliff.

Duan Yu didn't expect that Mu Wanqing would commit suicide. In a hurry, he jumped into the cliff to rescue Mu Wanqing. Because they fell off the cliff very fast, the gauze wrapped around Mu Wanqing's face left Mu Wanqing's face. Duan Yu immediately saw Mu Wanqing's beautiful face clearly.

Mu Wanqing had vowed that whoever saw her face would marry. In addition to Duan Yu's good looks, Mu Wanqing immediately fell in love with Duan Yu. When they returned to a safe place, Mu Wanqing said on the spot that he was willing to marry Duan Yu. Seeing that Duan Yu didn't agree, Mu Wanqing rushed into Duan Yu's arms to kiss him selflessly. As a result, Duan Yu was in great pain.

Seeing that Duan Yu was poisoned, Yue Laoer, who followed him, immediately became very proud and took Mu Wanqing to one side in an attempt to commit indecent acts. In order to preserve his chastity, Mu Wanqing jumped into the cliff again and disappeared. At this time, Fu Shengshi, Sima Xian and others appeared on the edge of the cliff. Because of Sima Xian's severe pain, he fell into the cliff and committed suicide in front of everyone.

Seeing Sima Xian falling off a cliff, Fu Sheng's envoy immediately ordered Duan Yu to be imprisoned in a cave. Duan Yu decided to continue to cultivate his peerless look when he had nothing to do.

Qiao Feng is going to take part in the martial arts meeting. Because of practicing martial arts, he is almost in danger. Fortunately, a Shaolin monk rescued Qiao, and Qiao Feng's body returned to normal.

The next day, the martial arts competition in Mount Tai was held in the Wulin. Ma Dayuan came to the challenge arena and declared that the final winner could become the leader of the Wulin alliance. Some gangs sitting under the arena were dissatisfied with the beggars' sect, and one after another ridiculed that there were no experts in the beggars' sect. In the crowd's ridicule, Bai Shijing was indignant and planned to compete on behalf of the beggars' sect. Before he came to the challenge arena, a man in white fell from the sky Ling Ren, Bai Shijing sees that the man in white is extraordinary. He is surprised and asks about the identity of the man in white.

The man in white calmly calls himself Mu Rongfu. Many gang members hear that Mu Rongfu's face has changed greatly. Bai Shijing can't keep his temper. He plans to fight Mu Rongfu on the spot. In the end, one or two moves are defeated by Mu Rongfu.

Seeing that Bai Shijing was defeated, Ma Dayuan immediately went forward and planned to fight Mu Rongfu. At the time of the duel, Ma Dayuan accused Mu Rongfu of colluding with the people of the Western Xia elite. Mu Rongfu was stigmatized and angry, and immediately launched a fierce fight with Ma Dayuan.

Ma Dayuan, like Bai Shijing, was defeated by Mu Rongfu because of the lack of force. Although he had done a lot with Mu Rongfu, he was still not mu Rongfu's opponent. Qiao Feng, who was on one side, could not hold his temper any longer. Bearing the pain in his body, he planned to fight Mu Rongfu. Several beggars' sect disciples saw that Qiao Feng was going to fight Mu Rongfu. In a hurry, they stopped him one after another To remind Qiao Feng that he should not compete in martial arts before his injury is healed.