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Story introduction of Episode 1 of new Tianlong eight: Zhong Hanliang is the leader of beggars' sect

The long-awaited Zhong Hanliang version of new Tianlong eight has finally appeared on the TV screen. Now, let's follow Sihai Xiaobian to watch the wonderful plot introduction of this new TV play!

New Tianlong eight Zhong Hanliang version Episode 1

Qiao Feng becomes the leader of the beggars' sect

Liao and Xia wanted to make an alliance to attack the state of song. The leader of beggars' sect sent Qiao Feng to attack Xia camp alone to stop Xia Marshal from joining Liao. Qiao Feng was good at fighting Liao army alone, and defeated all the enemies before half a stick of incense. Seeing that Qiao Feng was good at Kung Fu, Liao Marshal tried to run away on horseback in fear. Qiao Feng didn't allow Liao marshal to escape, and quickly threw an iron chain to shoot down Liao marshal.

At the same time, the leader of the beggars' sect is waiting for Qiao Feng to return. Disciple Bai Shijing comes to the leader of the beggars' sect and suddenly kills him secretly. The leader of the beggars' sect is alert and sees that someone is pretending to be Bai Shijing. It's Yanlong who is pretending to be Bai Shijing. Long Yanyuan is good at Kung Fu and uses a wire to imprison the leader of the beggars' sect.

When Xia marshal, who is hiding on one side, sees that the leader of the beggars' sect has been captured, he immediately appears and waits for the commander of Liao to meet. At this time, Bai Shijing and others surround Yan Longyuan and others, trying to save the leader of the beggars' sect. When both sides draw their swords, Qiao Feng appears with the commander of Liao. Ma Dayuan, who is standing on one side, takes the opportunity to persuade Qiao Feng to get rid of the commander of Liao.

The leader of the beggars' sect is Qiao Feng's master. Qiao Feng doesn't agree with Ma Dayuan's proposal. He looks at Yan Longyuan's offer to exchange hostages. Yan Longyuan superficially agrees to Qiao Feng's proposal, but secretly attacks the leader of the beggars' sect. Qiao Feng uses his peerless skills to kill many enemies in anger.

Duan Yu found that the foreign princess was too fat to be married. In a hurry, Duan Yu raised an objection. Because the foreign princess was determined to marry, Duan Yu had to compete with the foreign princess. As a result, Duan Yu was defeated in the hands of the foreign princess. The foreign Princess liked Duan Yu very much. On the same day, Duan Yu held a wedding. Duan Yu fled to the mountains and met Zhong Li because he didn't want to marry the foreign princess.

Zhong Li is catching the snake he saw in three years in the mountain. Duan Yu's unexpected appearance scares the snake away. Fortunately, the snake appears again and escapes into the pond. Zhong Li jumps into the pond to chase the snake. As a result, the snake is not caught and meets Sikong Xian and others. Sikong Xian has been coveting the snake for a long time. In order to get the snake, he fights with another group of people Taking the opportunity to release a white mink in sikongxian's hand, another group of people and horses know the strength of the white mink. Because the snake has escaped, another group of people and horses left the fighting scene.

In order to get the antidote, sikongxian imprisons Zhongli in his hand and orders Duan Yu to find the antidote within seven days. Duan Yu knows that he can't go against sikongxian's request and takes Zhongli's things to find the antidote.

The leader of the beggars' sect returns to the beggars' sect and plans to pass the title of leader to Qiao Feng. Although Ma Dayuan wants to be the leader of the sect, because the leader of the beggars' sect is present, he has to pretend to agree to let Qiao Feng become the new leader.

Qiao Feng comes to a pond to take a bath. Just as Ma Dayuan's wife Kang min comes to the valley to take a bath, he sees Qiao Feng leaving. Kang min deliberately lets a poisonous snake bite him. Qiao Feng has to leave the valley with the injured Kang min in his arms.

Qiao Feng came back to the beggars' sect and learned that he was going to succeed the sixth leader. Although he didn't want to, the leader had made up his mind. But he had to take over the dog beating stick to succeed the new leader.

Duan Yu was blocked by a group of pursuers. In a hurry, he fled into a valley with Xiaoyao sect Kung Fu secrets.