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Story of 27 episodes of beacon fire beauty: Tong Yuwan's family suffered an accident, and Du Yuntang

Episode 27

Wantang is a place for feather

Tong Yuwan returns to her mother's home and finds that her father is forced to commit suicide by hanging himself. Tong Yuwan has to take out the purchase money for Wanju to relieve his father's urgent need.

Wanju's supplier finds Wanju to settle the accounts. Ling Baozhu is furious when she learns that Tong Yuwan has used the money to help her mother's family. She doesn't know that Li Shaofeng bought the delivery merchant. Tong Yuwan is reprimanded by Ling Baozhu, so she has to think of other ways to save Tong's family.

Shen Zhipei was pressured by Xu Haobei, and several foreign power plants had "accidents" successively, stopping power supply to parts of Shanghai's Chinese border, including the general's residence. Shen Zhipei suspects that Li Shaofeng has colluded with Xu Haobei and betrayed Zhou Tingchen and himself.

Zhou Tingchen questions whether Li Shaofeng has returned the emerald screen to Tong Yuwan. Li Shaofeng lies. Zhou Tingchen puts down his heart and hopes that Li Shaofeng will not go astray.

When the news of Tong Yuwan's hopelessness reaches Du Yuntang's ears, he tries his best to help Yu Wan, but Hongyu stops him.

At this time, Tong Yuwan asks Du Ruida to rescue his mother's family. Du Ruida agrees. However, due to the shortage of funds suppressed by the government, Du Ruida wants to mortgage the house. Don't want Li Shaofeng to take the lead again, and bribe tenants. Du Ruida doesn't want to cause trouble, so he has to delay again and again.

Tong Yuwan tells her parents that the Du family is going to borrow money to tide over the difficulties. Tong's mother is very happy. She buys tonic drugs on credit and gives them to Yu Wan, suggesting that she can keep Du Yuntang's heart in order to make the Tong family stable.

Tong Yuwan cooks medicine for Yuntang. Li Xuezhu tells Hongyu the news. Hongyu seduces Du Yuntang to dance with him. Tong Yuwan finds that Yuntang and Hongyu are embracing each other and leaves heartbroken.

Rong's mother takes the opportunity to persuade Ling Baozhu to let Hongyu into Du's family, at least to take good care of Du Yuntang's body better than her second daughter-in-law. Ling Baozhu is shaken.