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The most beautiful time: Zhong Hanliang's role as a classic boss image is strongly supported by fans

The most beautiful time has come to an end, and the plot of the story is quite different from the original novel the secret buried by time. Many plots have been deleted, so the finale plot seems to be very incomplete, but also let the netizens very disappointed. However, there is still an objective evaluation of the role played in the play, while Lu Licheng, played by Zhong Hanliang, pushed the ratings of the TV play to the peak. Let's analyze his role!

The popularity of fans' outburst

The most beautiful time focuses on the adaptation of the original work. It changes the main line of the characters and the main thread of the story. Male No.2 Lu Licheng becomes Male No.1, and the main line of the original work also changes from Su man to Lu Licheng. In the role setting, Su man is portrayed as a copy of yuan Xiangqin from an experienced but innocent Baigujing, which can't see the ability and standard of any people in the workplace There are a lot of situations, which shows that the balance of IQ is seriously insufficient. The most confusing part of the novel is Lu Licheng's feelings for Su Meng. In Tung Hua's novels, Lu Licheng's feelings for Su Meng are very restrained. The kind of "sharp" but "slight" abuse is exactly why the fans can not make complaints about it. When it comes to TV dramas, Lu Licheng's emotional attitude is much more open. He not only interacts with Su man frequently, but also plays a lot of provocative and bickering scenes.

Although the adaptation of the play has hurt the hearts of some novel fans, "the most beautiful time" is an impeccable Yan opera for Yan Kong. A large number of close-up shots show the faces of the three stars in 360 degrees, which is a complete portrait of male gods and goddesses. If you think that Zhang Junning and Jia Nailiang are not so good-looking and modest, you can just ignore them. Zhong Hanliang is enough to win over a group of "flower crazies". He interprets the boss image in the classic CEO's article as "unprecedented", which combines evil spirit, dark belly, arrogance and domineering spirit. In addition, Lu Licheng is the infatuated man in the eyes of fans. How can the young audience not be fascinated by him.

"The most beautiful time" in the eyes of the general audience is not perfect, there is no innovative plot, there is no adverse acting, but as a fan drama is very successful. Between the lines, the media make complaints about the "fans' play". But it seems that everyone underestimates the power of fans. Yang Mi's fans can make the rotten film "lonely island" create 70 million box office. Zhong Hanliang, the male god who ranks first in the "four beauties of the end of the world", naturally can make "the most beautiful time" the best viewing place in the evening.