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The most beautiful time 45 episode story introduction: Xu Qiu's diary is taken out of Xu lianshuang'

After Xu lianshuang knew the truth of everything, she was sent to the hospital again because of the recurrence of the hidden disease. The rejection reaction of the kidney made her life in danger again. So, can her life be saved in time this time?

The most beautiful time episode 45

Song Yi tries to donate kidney to save Xu lianshuang

Su man and Xu Zhongjin talk about Xu lianshuang's condition. Xu Zhongjin thinks that the main reason why Xu lianshuang's kidney has rejection is that Xu lianshuang hates her sister who donated her kidney. If she can tolerate her sister, the kidney in her body will no longer have rejection.

After hearing Xu Zhongjin's words, Su man suddenly realized that he was thinking intently, hoping to find a way to make Xu lianshuang no longer hate his dead sister.

Xu Zhongjin takes out a notebook from his body and gives it to Su man. He reveals that Xu Qiu has been fond of keeping a diary since he was sensible. He hopes Su man can read more about Xu Qiu's diary so as to have a certain understanding of Xu Qiu, which will make it easier to untie Xu lianshuang's heart knot.

Su man takes the notebook presented by Xu Zhongjin to the hospital corridor. Song Yi, who has been waiting for a long time, comes up to Su man to inquire about Xu lianshuang. Su man remembers Song Yi's emotional experience and asks him who he really likes.

Because Song Yi is distressed and doesn't know how to answer Su man's question, Su man is still not reconciled and asks Song Yi to say what he thinks. Song Yi looks at Su man helplessly, but he just refuses to say a word. Su man sees that Song Yi doesn't want to speak, so he has to leave the hospital.

Su man returns home to have a rest. During the rest, she picks up Xu Qiu's notebook and reads it slowly. With the deepening of reading, she gradually learns something about Xu lianshuang and Xu Qiu. At this time, Song Yi is in the hospital hoping to donate her kidney. Because the attending doctor doesn't agree, Song Yi is so anxious that she almost quarrels with the attending doctor. When they are in a stalemate, a doctor comes to her Pushing the door into the room reveals that Xu lianshuang's condition has worsened again. Song Yi, regardless of arguing with the doctor, comes to the aisle to see Xu lianshuang sent to the operating room.

Su man receives a phone call from Song Yi and learns that Xu lianshuang's condition is deteriorating. He rushes to the hospital. Xu Zhongjin and his wife stand outside the operating room and are asking the doctor about Xu lianshuang. When they learn that their daughter's condition is deteriorating, Xu's mother kneels down to the doctor and implores that the doctor must cure Xu lianshuang.

Song Yi comes to the ward to visit Xu lianshuang. Looking at Xu lianshuang who is not awake, his mind comes back to Xu Qiu.

Su man comes to the ward to visit Xu lianshuang and chat with Xu lianshuang for a moment. She takes out Xu Qiu's notebook and plans to read the contents of the notebook. When Xu lianshuang hears that Su man wants to read Xu Qiu's notes, she shouts anxiously that she doesn't want to listen to Xu Qiu's diary.

Su man doesn't allow lianshuang to object. She walks back and forth in the ward with her notebook in her hand, and slowly reads Xu Qiu's diary. After reading a paragraph, Su man sees that Xu lianshuang's eyes are full of tears, so she comes to the bedside to talk about Xu Qiu with Xu lianshuang. Xu lianshuang is no longer hostile to Xu Qiu. She looks sad and tears her feelings.

Su man takes the opportunity to mention Xu Zhongjin and persuades Xu lianshuang to treat him well. For many years, Xu Zhongjin has always loved Xu lianshuang very much. Seeing that Xu lianshuang still has prejudice against Xu Zhongjin, Su man tells Xu lianshuang to live.