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Who played Zhou Tingchen? What is the final result of Zhou Tingchen?

Beacon is hot. Zhou Tingchen played by Qiao Zhenyu and Tong Yuwan played by Shu chang show a cruel love. Although they love each other, they are not together. What is the final outcome of Zhou Tingchen?

The two, who met as adults, fell in love quickly because of their childhood experience. Because Zhou Tingchen's identity was not recognized by the Tong family, they decided to elope. Li Shaochen is forced to elope with Zhou Yufeng at the critical moment when he is married to him.

Later, Zhou Tingchen was arranged to investigate min Ru's military contribution to Sun Yat Sen. with min Ru's help, he successfully gave up smoking. In the face of Min Ru's admiration, Zhou Tingchen only has Yu Wan in his heart. Finally, in order to find out the whereabouts of Du Yuntang, on the wharf where he was sent to find Du Yuntang, refugees swarmed to the wharf. Suddenly, Yu Wan was held against the temple by a cold muzzle; If Mori Xialong, a black dog, shoots hard, Zhou Tingchen blocks Tong Yuwan's gunshot wound and chest rib and kills Mori Xialong. Zhou Tingchen, who has been injured, covers Tong Yuwan to get on the boat. The refugees are crowded on the hanging ladder. Zhou Tingchen uses his arm to pull open the gate and escort Yu Wan to the boat, telling her not to turn back. There were two dull gunshots behind him. Tong Yuwan ran madly towards the cabin. He couldn't help looking back, but he couldn't see Zhou Tingchen any more.

Introduction to Qiao Zhenyu:

Qiao Zhenyu, a mainland actor from Guilin, Guangxi, studied dance since childhood and graduated from the classical dance performance major of the Chinese National Dance Drama Department of Beijing Dance Academy.

In 2004, he starred in Tsui Hark's TV series "seven swords down the Tianshan Mountain". In 2007 and 2008, he starred in "Huanhua Xijian Lu" and "Shujian enqiu Lu" directed by Tan Youye respectively.

Qiao Zhenyu has become the second mainland actor who has starred three martial arts masters Jin Yong, Gu Long and Liang Yusheng to make eight eyed fish. He is known as one of the "four best men in ancient costume" for his elegant ancient costume.

Chinese Name: Qiao Zhenyu

Nationality: Chinese

Nationality: Han nationality

Birthplace: Guilin, Guangxi

Date of birth: November 1, 1978

Height: 182cm

Hobby: collecting foreign coins

Love to eat: Meat

Love to wear: dark clothes

Ideal girlfriend: long hair, clean, cheerful, not wordy, equal treatment

Ideal: a comfortable home; a car I like; a girlfriend I love deeply; a job I love

Brokerage company: Huayi Brothers times culture brokerage Co., Ltd

Representative works: Huanhua Xijian Lu, xuehuanv Shenlong, man Qiu, Qijian Xiatian mountain, Shujian enqiu Lu, laoyouyi, etc.