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The most beautiful time finale prediction: Zhong Hanliang's counter attack plot Zhong Hanliang final

The most beautiful ending of time leads people to guess that the ending of the original novel, Lu Licheng, falls in love with Su man. He can only guard each other's side silently and bury his secret love into a secret. Will the ending of the drama be reversed? Can Lu Licheng fight back and win love, and finally marry Su man?

Zhong Hanliang's love story in the finale of the most beautiful time

The commercial war love drama "the most beautiful time", adapted from Tonghua's original work, is now on the air. It is co starred by powerful idol stars such as Zhong Hanliang, Jia Nailiang, Zhang Junning and Jiang Yijia. Since the day of broadcasting, it has won the championship in the same period of the evening, which has aroused the enthusiastic pursuit of the audience and netizens.

With the development of the plot of the most beautiful time, all the plots point to Linda, who is behind the scenes. However, none of this can stop the audience from loving Jiang Yijia. Linda's "loyalty" to love, her "ruthlessness" to career, and her flesh and blood stage image are very unforgettable. Jiang Yijia completely conquered the audience with her "poisonous tongue" acting skills. From "family" to "Qipao", Jiang Yijia's screen roles are different, and in "the most beautiful time", Jiang Yijia also has breakthrough acting skills that people expect. In the next competition for jobs, the dark side of the real workplace will be added to the three points, which makes the audience more and more expect to see Jiang Yijia's perfect performance in the most beautiful time.