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Preview of 20 episodes of beacon fire beauty: Zhou Tingchen's life hangs on the line, Tong Yuwan mee

In front of Du Yuntang, Li Shaofeng says that he must take revenge on Tong Yuwan, and takes the photo of fake Qingping he meets to Du Yuntang, trying to destroy Tang Wan's feelings. Zhou Tingchen's drug treatment is successful. He returns to Shanghai to find Shen Zhipei. Unexpectedly, Shen Zhipei treats him as a traitor and wants to kill him. So, will Tong Yuwan save her first love at a critical moment?

Episode 20

Chen's life in danger

Li Shaofeng has a new goal. On the one hand, he slowly infiltrates into Zhou Mingchang's cigarette cream the chronic poison that causes skin ulcers inch by inch, and on the other hand, he trains Hongyu cruelly. Step by step, he makes her a woman with new ideas, and teaches her how to approach Du Yuntang and destroy Tong Yuwan's family.

Zhou Tingchen takes the initiative to find Shen Zhipei. Shen Zhipei heard that Zhou Tingchen had become Sun Yat Sen's man and ordered Fang Tong to kill the traitor. Zhou Tingchen, fearless at gunpoint, expressed his loyalty to the general and finally regained Shen Zhipei's trust.

At Mori's command, Mrs. Jin uses the child's photo to attract Shen Zhipei. Shen Zhipei suspects that Mrs. Jin is the dancer Jin Baihe who spent the night with her. The child is also her own and her heart is stirring. Mrs. Jin dressed up her son, hoping that he would take this opportunity to recognize him. Shen Zhipei, who knows that Mori Xialong wants to get involved in the reconstruction plan of Jingbang Street Wharf, angrily refuses, and accuses Mrs. Jin of cheating herself with her children and refusing to recognize them again.

Shen Zhipei seizes Shen Haonan, the Quartermaster who betrays his information to the Japanese, and deals with him according to the military law. However, Xu Haobei, the elder brother of Xu Haonan, holds an important position in the Beiyang government. In order to protect his younger brother, Shen Zhipei is forced to release Xu Haonan, but secretly orders Zhou Tingchen to kill him.

Not long before they meet with Xu, they will go to kill Zhou.

That night, Zhou Tingchen succeeded in assassinating the traitor. Mori Xialong surrounded the area where Zhou Tingchen was hiding and killed him. With the help of his brother, Zhou Tingchen fled to the dock, but never waited for the rescue boat.

Hearing of Zhou Tingchen's crisis, Tong Yuwan wanted to go to the wharf to save his life. Du Yuntang tried his best to stop him, threatening that as long as Tong Yuwan walked out of Du's door, he would never come back & hellip; & hellip;

Tong Yuwan resolutely goes to the wharf, but Du Yuntang has no choice but to ask the stock company to find a car to follow him and drive to protect Tong Yuwan's safety.