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Did Su man become an orphan in the end? Will su man choose song Xu or Lu Licheng in the end?

Su man drinks some wine and falls asleep on Lu Licheng. At this time, her mobile phone rings and Lu Licheng connects her. Lu Licheng is anxious to take Su man back to Shanghai. Su man doesn't understand why he wants to go back to Shanghai now. Lu Licheng says he has something to do and tells Su man to simply pack up and leave immediately.

The taxi stops at the gate of the hospital. Su man doesn't understand why he brought him here. Lu Licheng tells her that her parents had an accident while traveling. It is said that they were seriously injured and are being rescued inside. Knowing that her mother died on the spot in a car accident and her father was in a deep coma, Su man couldn't accept it for a moment. She screamed like crazy to see her mother. Lu Licheng held her and comforted her. Under Lu Licheng's persuasion, Su man signs the operation form.

The doctor came out of the operating room. He said that the patient's brain congestion had been cleared up and it would take some time to recover. Su man fainted after hearing this. Su man sits outside the ward waiting with water hanging. Lu Licheng advises her not to think about anything. The most important thing is to accompany her father.

The doctor told Su man that her father's head scan found a shadow, which seemed to be in bad condition. Su man doesn't understand what it means? The doctor said that her father's cancer cells had spread. Su man said that they might have misdiagnosed her. The doctor suggested that she immediately contact her father's previous doctor to discuss the research plan with them. Su man takes a deep breath. She has to think about how to save her father. Lu Licheng says that he will accompany her. She is not alone.

Su man tries her best to eat. She must be strong and can't be knocked down. Lu Licheng said that the funeral home called to say that her aunt's body would be cremated tomorrow. Su man was eating the meal sadly. Lu Licheng stopped her and said that it was enough. Su man takes her mother's ashes home, and Lu Licheng accompanies her all the time. Seeing Lu Licheng fall asleep on the sofa, Su man comes forward and covers her with a blanket. Su man lied to her mother that the first thing she asked her husband was nothing.