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Preview of 17 episodes of beacon beauty: Qiao Zhenyu's successful detoxification

Li Shaofeng bribes Hongyu and asks her to dress up as Qingping. However, Hongyu is a crooked rascal who is involved in many cases. At this time, how should Li Shaofeng deal with this thorny problem? Is Zhou Tingchen successful in detoxification?

Episode 17: beacon fire

Zhou Tingchen returns from drug treatment

Luohan thought Minru betrayed her position. Min Ru guaranteed Zhou Tingchen with her life. Zhou Tingchen was moved.

Li Shaofeng finally finds the evidence of Hongyu's crime and tries to let Xu Haonan torture Hongyu to tell the truth.

Du Yuntang solved the problem of workers' safety and security in his own way. Yu Wan asked Du Yuntang what he had done, but Du Yuntang laughed but did not answer. Tong Yuwan's car got stuck in the mud again, and the workers who benefited lifted it out with their bare hands. Yuwan was deeply moved