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Who is the benefactor Xu lianshuang is looking for? Did Xu lianshuang finally get sick and die?

The most beautiful time story has come to a climax. Xu lianshuang and song Xu fall in love. Xu lianshuang also mentions that she wants to go to the United States to find a benefactor to donate her kidney. Are you curious about this answer? Who donated her kidney? Did she finally get sick and die?

The TV play "the most beautiful time" is popular on Hunan Satellite TV. It's spicy and hot. Xu lianshuang is very popular. Malatang is Su man's best friend, a lively and self willed rich woman. With the advance of the plot, the ending of spicy hot Xu lianshuang is also concerned by everyone. In the novel the secret buried by time, Xu lianshuang is seriously ill, and her sister donates her kidney to her before she dies. When she learned that the kidney belonged to her sister, she became ill. Did Xu lianshuang die in the end?

Character introduction and ending of spicy hot Xu lianshuang

However, Xu lianshuang, a lively, willful and righteous girl, hides her life experience. She is a rich woman, but she works hard as a small employee: she has a lot of male friends, but she can never forget her guardian angel Song Yi: she is cheerful and straightforward in appearance, but she lives in a cruel childhood in heart. Suman is the best sister in front of her. However, in front of her half sister Xu Qiu, what is she? In front of Song Yi, what is she? When she learns what Song Yi's feelings are for, what choice has she made?

In the novel the secret buried by time, when Xu lianshuang learns that her sister she hates the most and donates her kidney to herself, she is heartbroken and falls ill. Weak, she refuses to be treated. When Xu Fu gives Su man Xu Qiu's diary and asks her to give it to Xu lianshuang. When Xu lianshuang saw Xu Qiu's diary, all the secrets were revealed one by one.