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Preview of 30 episodes: Gu Yufei is in prison, Xu Zhongyi tries to save his wife

Xu Zhongyi and Gu Yufei joined hands to destroy the National Army's short program, resulting in the airdrop of materials to civilian disaster areas. For this reason, Qi was implicated and enjoyed the disaster of imprisonment. Xu Zhongyi took the opportunity to learn some of the contents of the infiltration plan secretly implemented by Prince Qi. Then how can he master all the contents of the infiltration plan?

Penetrating the plot of episode 30

Xu Zhongyi and Gu Yufei have already had a love affair at this time, and Yang Kecheng expresses his support after learning about it. In view of the current situation of Xu Zhongyi and Gu Yufei in great danger, he decided to withdraw Xu Zhongyi and Gu Yufei back to the army after Xu Zhongyi managed to rescue Qi Gongzi. This arrangement was rejected by Xu Zhongyi, who insisted on evacuating after getting the infiltration plan.

Xu Zhongyi went to the prison to visit Mr. Qi and took his bail as a bait to persuade him to hand over the infiltration plan, but Mr. Qi was not moved at all.

Zhao Zhi at home after efforts to recall and analysis, finally determined that the airdrop map was Gu Yufei on the way to the airport to borrow the car vomit when secretly changed. In this way, they not only saved the people's urgent need in the city, but also successfully put the blame on Prince Qi. The exasperated Zhao Zhi designs to call Gu Yufei and then imprison him.

After learning that Gu Yufei was detained by Zhao Zhi, Xu Zhongyi rushed to rescue him, but he was stopped by Zhao Zhi and failed. Yang Kecheng is infuriated to learn that Gu Yufei is in prison. He discusses with Xu Zhongyi to rescue Gu Yufei.

In front of Zhao Zhi, Gu Yufei frankly admitted that he had secretly changed the airdrop map, which was to save the innocent and suffering people in the city. Gu Yufei told Zhao Zhi that she was willing to take responsibility for Yang Kecheng's rescue of Qi Gongzi and get the whole "infiltration plan" in exchange for her return to the imprisoned Qi Gongzi.