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Introduction to the plot of penetration 29 episode: the air drop scheme of the national army was tra

Penetration of episode 29

That night, Xu Zhongyi called to urge Mr. Qi to send the plan indicating the airdrop area to the air force airport as soon as possible. Later, Mr. Qi was summoned by Xu Zhongyi on the pretext that he had to let Zhao Zhi go to the airport to see him off. Gu Yufei took an excuse to accompany Zhao Zhi. On the way, Gu Yufei got out of the car and vomited. Then he looked for an opportunity to successfully replace the map in Zhao Zhi's briefcase. Eventually, a large number of air dropped materials of the national army were thrown into the civilian concentrated areas of Changchun City.

At this time, such problems appeared in the airdrop, which made Director Mao furious and severely reprimanded Xu Zhongyi on the phone. The Ministry of national defense also quickly dispatched special agents to arrest Mr. Qi for severe punishment. Deeply wronged, Mr. Qi took a tough attitude during the trial. He said that the northeast and even the whole mainland would become the ruling party of the Communist Party. He predicted that the high-level officials should have planned to "withdraw from Taiwan and watch its change". Angered, the Commissioner jailed him.

Anxious Zhao Zhi found Xu Zhongyi and begged him to speak to rescue Qi Gongzi. Gu Yufei and Xu Zhongyi took the opportunity to coerce Zhao Zhi to tell about the infiltration plan. Because Zhao couldn't bear to see Mr. Qi throw away his life, he said that he trained infiltration agents in the underground works of normal school, and then sent these people into the Communist area by various legal means to destroy the backbone of the Communist Party.

Yang Kecheng knew the general situation of the plan and attached great importance to it. He asked Xu Zhongyi to try to rescue Mr. Qi, so as to have a chance to obtain all the contents of the "infiltration plan" and destroy it completely.