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Banxia in bloom reveals Lin Shen's sadistic love with Li Qin

Lin Shen and Li Qin once again joined hands to stage a cruel love story. They gradually developed from brothers and sisters without blood relationship to lovers in love. The process is very difficult and tortuous, but their life experiences are more complicated. What kind of fate will the two people have at the end of the story? Let's have a look at the following wonderful comments!

Lin Shen, Li Qin, Zhang Jiani, Yang Yang, Kai Qingzi, Miao Qiaowei and GUI Yalei co starred. Different from jiuyefeni's original work, the TV series "flowers bloom Banxia" has made some new adaptations and creations on the relationship between the characters, which has caused a lot of controversy and brought more attention to the play.

The relationship between characters subverts the original story, causing netizens' disputes

After the broadcast of huakaibanxia, some adaptations of the original plot in the play soon aroused heated discussion among readers. The biggest controversy in the play first focuses on Rufeng and picturesque. They have changed from brother-in-law love in the original work to brother-in-sister love in the play. Many audiences said that they couldn't accept it at the beginning. How could the love between brothers and sisters suddenly turn into that of brother and sister? They even felt a little lost. But after watching a few episodes, they felt that Lin Shen's and Li Qin's brother-and-sister love were equally touching and wonderful 。 "Li Shaohong, the producer of the show, also said that after the stars Lin Shen and Li Qin were confirmed, in order to better help them enter the role and express their true feelings, they boldly adjusted the relationship between the characters into brothers and sisters without blood relationship. The fact also proved that the two actors explained the essence of the story in a good way.

With the continuous popularity of "blooming Banxia" in Hunan Satellite TV's weekly broadcast theater, some audiences even said that "the TV play is a little difficult to wait, so I have to stay up for two nights to finish reading the novel!" after reading the novel, the audience will return to the drama series and still suffer heartache: "although the TV play has not been broadcast yet, I can probably know the outline of the adapted plot and feel the adapted play Love will be more complex, more tragic, so we will always pay attention to "flowers bloom Pinellia". '

Audience hot discussion about new viewing point

Not only adjusted the relationship between the characters in the play, but also unfolded a lot of plot clues that the original work did not have. Many audiences said that they had become addicted to these new stories: "the adaptation of the plot has special highlights, the whole story looks very compact, and the actors are also very brilliant '," every week weekend, we catch up with Hunan Satellite TV, and the weekly drama is very good, but it is still a little bit There are also audience rational analysis that "flowers bloom Banxia" still has a strong tragic color, and the adaptation of the plot increases the proportion of youth and tenderness, weakening the darkness and despair in the original work. In terms of writing style, it continues the exquisite aesthetic style of director Li Shaohong. Although it is a Youth Drama, it is also memorable because of its mixed fate. '

Many viewers and netizens strongly support the TV play version, believing that the play not only does not delay the novel, but gives birth to new life. If the essence of the novel is compared to the root, it is more solid than the original work; if the trunk of the original work is compared to the trunk, it keeps its original shape and is stronger at the same time; If the plot of the original work is compared to a branch, it is also more extended and expanded. "Many young audiences said that 'although it's not fun to catch up with weekly TV series, they will support it as long as the works are good-looking!"