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The most beautiful time episode 33: Song Xu and Xu lianshuang meet for the first time

Su man went to the United States on business, and song Xu also went to the United States to send flowers and love to Su man. The sudden happiness made Su man not believe that he had it. Lu Licheng, who is quietly guarding Su man, can only watch song Xu and Su man's sweet love, but he has already fallen in love with Su man at this time, and he is very depressed.

The most beautiful time episode 33

Lu Licheng finds Su man and Song Yi in love

Su man is on a business trip to the United States and wants to call Song Yi. To her surprise, Song Yi turns up not far away. Seeing Song Yi also coming to the United States, Su man doesn't return to his senses. After a while, she sends out a surprise cheer and rushes to Song Yi.

Song Yi looks at Su man with a smile on his face and reaches out his hands to embrace him. Su man looks at Song Yi pleasantly, but still can't believe what's going on.

Song Yi holds Su man in his arms affectionately. Then he takes out a bunch of flowers and gives them to Su man. When Su man takes over the flowers, he takes out his camera and takes pictures with Su man.

Su man looks at Song Yi affectionately. Song Yi also looks at Su man affectionately. They look at each other for a moment and kiss each other affectionately in the street.

The next morning, Su man wakes up. As soon as she sees that Song Yi has left, she immediately gets up from the bed. The waiter enters the room and takes out the flowers and the note that Song Yi left Su man. Su man takes the paper and the flowers. After reading the contents of the paper, she dances wildly in the room.

At the thought that she has successfully chased Song Yi, who has been in secret love for ten years, Su man decides to return home and reunite with Song Yi a week later. Because she is in a very good mood, she calls Xu lianshuang and tells her about Song Yi's flying to the United States to spend the night with her.

After listening to Su man's words, Xu lianshuang is filled with envy. She thinks that Su man has found a dedicated boyfriend. Song Yi returns to work in the company. Her colleagues have already known that he has gone to New York. New York is where Su man is on business. Lu Licheng knows that Song Yi has gone to New York, but he is very upset. He has a straight face and doesn't say anything.

The president has something to talk to Song Yi. Song Yi puts his mobile phone on his desk, turns around and follows the president out of the conference room. Just as Su man calls Song Yi, Lu Licheng picks up the phone and suddenly hears Su man calling song Yi "dear.". '。

After su man calls Song Yi, he doesn't hear the voice coming from the phone, so he stops talking. As soon as Lu Licheng hears that Su man doesn't speak, he takes the initiative to tell him his identity. Su man hears Lu Licheng's voice and pretends to find Song Yi to talk about business matters.

After hearing the phone call from Su man Cheng, Su man cheng returns to the phone and says nothing to Su Licheng.

Lu Licheng is very depressed. He puts down his mobile phone and looks at the dog around him. He talks to himself and chats with the dog. Xu lianshuang once went out late at night and met Song Yi. Because Xu lianshuang had an accident during the ride, Song Yi, who was sitting on the other car, got off the car to check the situation and finally sent Xu lianshuang to the hospital for treatment.

Xu lianshuang has a good feeling for Song Yi. When she meets Song Yi in the hospital for the second time, she takes Song Yi to donate blood and takes the opportunity to get close to him.

At night, Xu lianshuang is upset. After drinking at the bar, she calls to ask Song Yi to come out and meet.