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Liu Yuan's character Yang Yang talks about his role as a guardian of love

Gao Fu Shuai Lu Yuan in the flower blooming Banxia started playing the piano with Xia Ruhua at the beginning, and gradually developed feelings between them. Just when they could go abroad for further study, Xia Ruhua was accidentally raped by a hooligan Ah Fu, which made Lu Yuan decide to give up Xia Ruhua and go abroad alone. But when he left, he found that Xia Ruhua had already lived in his heart. So, is the love story between them online?

Yang Yang is willing to be the guardian of love

On the role of Yang Yang in "flowers bloom in Banxia": I am tired and do not love

The cruel youth sadistic drama "flowers bloom in the Pinellia" is being broadcast in the weekly theater of Hunan Satellite TV. This time, Yang Yang incarnated deep feeling, rich and handsome, guarding the protagonist's silence to giving up his favorite emotion. In his own words, "I have felt the real meaning of tired never love with him. '

Yang Yang incarnates deep feeling, rich and handsome: there is a kind of love called silent guard

Yang Yang has a very cute title in the play, which is called "six yuan". When asked about the source, he laughs that it is a picturesque masterpiece (decorated by Li Qin), "my character is Lu Yuan, and the reason for polyphonic characters is called six yuan by Li Qin, who is good at Chinese. The director thinks that this nickname is very good, so it is extended to the play. "Compared with the tacit understanding outside the play, Yang Yang tried his best to chase Li Qin." he drove a BMW to pick up and go to school, and he also sent flowers abroad with a large amount of money. He felt like a local tyrant. "However, such sugar coated cannonball does not seem to move the woman's heart. Yang yanglun, as the guardian of love, lives in a world of single love every day. For his role's sad fate, he said that in fact, silent protection is the best way to express love." we always say that we can see who loves more in love from the amount we pay, but how can we use the money we give in our hearts If the word is calculated, it must be the party who pays silently to win, because there is no greater 'big' feeling than the guardian. '

Yang Yang: love is a luxury

There are a lot of buzzwords on the Internet recently. Yang Yang said that the word "tired but not in love" can best express Lu Yuan's voice. "Looking at the role itself, I was very puzzled why such a perfect person could not get the love of her mistress. After reading the whole script, I realized that sometimes love is not high or low. It only focuses on" first come, second come. "Love is a luxury, not something that can be bought with wealth. "Yang Yang started to play infatuation from Baoyu in a dream of Red Mansions. After a few years, he was still infatuated in" blooming Pinellia ". Some fans said that he would be awarded a" infatuated man "award to reward him for his devotion in recent years. Yang Yang said with a smile that the certificate would not be accepted. Next time, he could play a prodigal son and recover the cost.