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The most beautiful time, song Xu and Xu lianshuang's cruel love started from which episode?

In the 31 episode of the most beautiful time, Su man is about to go on a business trip to the United States, which also means that a cruel love affair begins to take shape. In the 32 episodes, Su man returns home from his business trip, but finds that song Xu, who is deeply in love, has become a couple with his good sister Malatang, and the good sisters begin to turn against each other. The four corners love each other to bring the play to a climax.

This is the most popular plot of "Ma hot" and "mamei". Malatang often reminds himself that 'only Su man is the elder sister'. Han Xiting's firm expression is still in front of him. However, Jia Nailiang's' Song Yi 'is a special angel who accompanies and guards during the low period of his life. How Malatang will balance his friendship and love will set off a wave of sadistic love climax. At the end of the original novel, Su man and Song Yi meet again, but Malatang leaves the scene. In order to make up for the regret in the original novel, director Zeng Lizhen revealed that the ending of the three versions had been filmed. The final broadcast version will be decided by the audience's vote, and the remaining versions will also be broadcast in special ways.

On Monday, song Xu encountered a spicy hot. Su man came back from the United States and found song Xu cheating. Lu Licheng taught song Xu a lesson. Lu Licheng has dinner with Su man and song Xu in spicy soup. Su man comforts Su man. Su man is hospitalized and Lu Licheng comforts her.

On Tuesday, Su man lives in Lu Licheng's family. Lu Licheng cooks for her and bet that Lu Licheng will cook for Su man all his life if he loses. Spicy soup tells Su man why he likes song Xu.

On Wednesday, Su man and Lu went back to their hometown.

Lu Licheng accompanies Su man when his parents have a car accident on Thursday. Xu Zhongjin asked Lu Licheng to pursue spicy hot.

On Friday and Saturday, Malatang and song Xu's plays are more. About Malatang when she was a child and had a kidney transplant. More Malatang found that song Xu loved Xu Qiu.

Sunday finale. This is the progress of the plot based on the plot. I'm talking about my point of view. I'm also a Lu man party. I hope so. If it was songman, it would be sad, but understand. I think if Lu man's ending, there will be a breakthrough in Lu man's drama these two days. Because the original plot really can't let Su Neng feel that Lu likes her. There were also two details yesterday. One song kualu asked Su about Su's views. Su was very nervous. Another is that when Su and song were together, they were surprised to see a car with the same model as Lu, which showed that Su subconsciously cared about Lu, but the weight was still a little small. She was covered by ten years of secret love. She didn't know whether this was a foreshadowing for Lu man's ending.