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The most beautiful time ratings won the championship

The most beautiful time on Hunan Satellite TV ranked first in terms of ratings and topics. The sadistic relationship between Song Yi and Su man, played by Jia Nailiang, has been further upgraded. However, the audience highly appreciated and distressed Song Yi as a gentle God. Jia Nailiang said frankly that it was lucky for the actor to meet Song Yi's role, and he cherished receiving such a delicate and heavy role.

Song Yi confesses in rainy night

With the "most beautiful time" into the three episodes broadcast mode, the further development of the play tangled four corners of sadism. When Song Yi is always hiding his deep sorrow and depression, Su man still loves him and confesses in the cold night rain. This finally breaks through the shackles and shackles of his heart and chooses to join hands with Su man bravely.

Jia Nailiang said that everyone has his own Song Yi in his heart, giving him the courage and strength to pursue love bravely. Song Yi in the play is a man who is very serious and responsible for his feelings. Because he is too serious and responsible, he will have inner pain and guilt, and he can't love and be loved again. In fact, to some extent, it is unfair to Su man, and it is also a kind of injury. But Jia continued to explain that Song Yi would rather hurt himself than others. This is what moved him most.

Jia Nailiang: I cherish Song Yi's heavy role

Jia Nailiang challenges different characters from himself and plays Song Yi, whose heart is hidden with pain and secret. Elegant and melancholy song Yi not only becomes the biggest highlight of the play, but also gains the audience's recognition. Jia Nailiang revealed that when he first saw the book, Song Yi's psychology and inner pain had been completely grasped. Jia Nailiang said that even though he didn't have the personal experience of Song Yi, he could feel the feeling of keeping a person in his heart for many years.

Many audiences who have seen the play have said that Jia Nailiang has completely subverted the ordinary and earthly image of small people in the previous family dramas. He is playing the Wall Street elite, young talent, gentle and elegant Song Yi. Jia Nailiang said: 'I think Song Yi has his story, his persistence in love, and his man's responsibility and feelings. It's hard for an actor to receive such a delicate and heavy role, so I cherish it. "In this regard, even though he was tired and hard working on the set, he felt very happy, and even refused to finish work every day.