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The most beautiful time spicy hot Xu lianshuang's role introduces what hidden diseases she suffers f

The role of Malatang, the most beautiful time, is also very important. The change of friendship between her and Su man, the protagonist, is also an important clue throughout the plot. From a good friend who doesn't talk about anything to her, she turns into an angry and relaxed rival. The change in the relationship is very cruel. The love story between her and song Xu deeply touched the audience and expressed her acting skills incisively and vividly.

The emotional idol drama "the most beautiful time" has been broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV for a long time, which has attracted a large number of TV viewers, and the performance of the leading actors has become one of the hot topics of discussion. Han Xiting, a girl of Mou, has been transformed into the role of 'Xu lianshuang' and won recognition for her spicy performance.

Han Xiting plays the tragic character 'Xu lianshuang' in the TV series "the most beautiful time". He is generous and forthright in appearance and nicknamed as "Malatang". However, he has lived in the halo of his sister since childhood, so that he can't escape the shadow of her all his life. He has to pretend to be strong when he has a hidden disease, which makes people feel pity and love. Such an inner rich role is also a challenge for Han Xiting. "Malatang is quite different from my character. The happier she is, the more bitter she is. Her emotions will only come out from her eyes. This expression is very similar to making a movie, which is more challenging. '

Before the broadcast of "Hunan TV series" in the afternoon, the background of the film has become more clear and concise. From Malatang scolding Su man, and then Malatang fighting for Su man, Han Xiting interprets Malatang as charming and lively.