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Penetration of 25 episodes: Xu Zhongyi is shot to death and Chen Ping dies by injection

Xu Zhongyi was closely watched by the internal line arranged by Mr. Qi, and his every move was closely watched by the juntong. Can he complete the task of transporting drugs? How can Chen Ping help Xu Zhongyi?

Penetration episode 25

Chen Ping takes out a pistol in front of everyone and pretends to shoot Xu Zhongyi. She is shot by Prince Qi and falls to the ground.

The crafty Li Weigong is going to attack Xu Zhongyi. The first step was to arrest the baton, and then for a long time, Xu Zhongyi's business partners in the army and the government were transferred or arrested one by one. Li Weigong tried to grasp Xu Zhongyi's evidence.

Chen Ping was rescued from danger in the hospital. As soon as she woke up, Mr. Qi rushed to the hospital and forcibly took her away. She was tortured to force Chen Ping to tell her real intention of the assassination.

Chen Ping pretended to be epileptic and asked the doctor to inject phenobarbital, but she knew she was seriously allergic to the drug. Once injected, she would die. Chen Ping died.