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How many episodes of the women's gang? Which channel is premiered and what is the story?

Jiang Wenli is a role that often appears on the TV screen, and the audience is very familiar with her, especially her "golden wedding" which is well received by the audience. Recently, she played the women's Gang as a single woman. Now let's learn about the story of this TV play!

Women's gang

The protagonist of the play is five single urban women, with retired model Chen Qingxia as the core, the golden collar elite Fiona, the introverted senior translator Bi ran, the media person who grew up abroad, and Li Xiaoyi, who is worried about becoming a leftover woman, form a sister group. They have their own pursuits: Chen Qingxia reaches an understanding with her father when her father is in critical condition; Fiona pursues status, but is moved by the power and wealth without money; bi ran wants a reliable object. When she is just out of a relationship and decides to live with her own psychotherapist, her ex fiance makes her make a new choice; Katherine hopes to establish a sincere and equal relationship without cheating. However, she is trapped by a seemingly indifferent pseudo artist. Li Xiaoyi simply wants to see love, but her boyfriend's father is the biological father who once abandoned Li Xiaoyi's family.

Number of episodes: 36

Actor: Jiang Wenli, Wu Junmei, Liang Jing, Li Jiayang, Zi Baiyun, Liao Fan, he Bing, Zhang Luyi, HuangXuan, Haitian, huangmeng, Tang Wenlong

TV station: Zhejiang satellite TV