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Penetration 21: Yang Kecheng's team in deep trouble Xu Zhongyi and Gu Yufei hand in hand to deliver

Introduction to Episode 21

After Yu Xiuning and Xu Zhongyi's up and down operation, Chen Ming was transferred to Shenyang station of military unification recently established, and became the stationmaster.

Mr. Qi took the initiative to find Chen Xingzhou, agreed to take Chen Ming as a breakthrough, and arranged for his subordinates to secretly take control of Yu Xiuning, who was about to give birth.

Two scouts of a reconnaissance unit sent by our army killed two policemen on the road, thus exposing the target.

Yangke wants to take the opportunity to let the reconnaissance team quickly withdraw to the outside of the city, but his intention is to be seen through by Qi Gongzi and order the whole city to be under martial law.

Knowing that the situation is critical, Xu Zhongyi and Gu Yufei separately look for our army in the city. They want to send the special pass for our army out of the city, and at the same time send important information about the "infiltration plan" being prepared by Mr. Qi to the higher authorities.