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What is the end of kissing love on tiptoe? Are Yao Di and Jin Zhenxun together?

Kiss on tiptoe to love episode 27 (Finale)

Qingyao accuses Mr. Huang that he can choose to be Ma Rui's savior, but he can't choose who his parents are, can't choose to forgive him, and even more can't choose to forgive himself. After that, he leaves angrily. Qingyao lies in bed and gives up. Tinghua goes to persuade him that the most important thing he should do now is to stay with his mother and do something to make her happy and satisfy her wishes. Qing Yao said he would not participate in his fashion show and would not give him a chance to atone. Tinghua says that he thinks too much. Even if he doesn't believe Mr. Huang, he should also believe in his own ability. Is it meaningful for him to abandon himself like this? When Qingyao drinks, Tinghua takes the bottle, and Qingyao shouts that he doesn't want her to control himself.

When Qingyao comes home and sees his mother's picture with him, Ma Rui goes to say hello to him and squeezes the juice for him. But she can't remember how to squeeze the juice. When she cuts the fruit, she accidentally cuts water. Qingyao comes to care about him and remembers what happened when she was a child. Qingyao two people happily taste the juice, Ma Rui praised the juice is too good to drink. Qingyao comes out from Ma's house and sees Tinghua standing there smiling at him.

Qingyao goes back with Tinghua and gives her a deep hug. Tinghua is writing a diary again. She doesn't know why she is so upset. She feels that the hug just now is like saying goodbye. You must make sure that you can find a way to cheer her up tomorrow. The next day, Tinghua wakes up and anxiously calls Qingyao to get up, but finds that Qingyao is not at home. Tinghua went to Ma Rui, who prepared jujube tea for her, and then gave the letter of recommendation to Tinghua. Tinghua thanks her. Ma Rui praises Tinghua as a good girl and hopes that she and Qingyao can be happy.

Tinghua tells Ma Rui about Qingyao's embarrassment and laughs. Alex Huang goes to visit Ma Rui with flowers in his arms. He kisses Ma Rui's hand and says he is his most loyal pursuer. Aunt Tan and uncle Zhen came back together. Uncle Zhen said that he had just met aunt Tan in the street. Ma Rui understood that uncle Zhen was the man that Aunt Tan said, so he invited everyone to have a meal. Tinghua goes out to look for Qingyao. The taxi driver asks her if her boyfriend has run away again. Her boyfriend is too disrespectful. I'll teach him a lesson when I see him. Tinghua finds Qingyao's shoes and bicycle by the sea. She cries out in fear. At this time, Qingyao, who is swimming, appears. Tinghua turns to see him and laughs. Qingyao said that he wanted to be quiet because people were very conscious underwater. Tinghua accuses Qingyao of being a coward and despises him in particular. When Qingyao goes into the water, Tinghua throws down his bag and accompanies him to enter the water. They fight in the water. Qingyao prepares a T-stage for Tinghua on the beach. Seeing Tinghua swinging her arm and walking the catwalk, Qingyao takes her hand to teach her.

Ruoxi talks and laughs on the phone with shuoyan, and her mother asks how she and shuoyan suddenly become so good? Ruoxi says no? Can't you be good friends after divorce? Her father asks Ruoxi if she wants to go to Qingyao's fashion show with him. Ruoxi says she is not interested. Then she invites her mother to accompany her to London to watch the fashion show next Monday.

Meiling drove to gogo travel agency, only to find that the door lock was pried. She went in and heard someone talking, so she hid there secretly with a stick. Xueyou was beaten by Meiling, and Meiling was excited to say that he did not encounter an avalanche, but dropped the DV to the foot of the mountain. After listening to Xueyu's words, Meiling hugs him excitedly. Xueyou gives Meiling the purest ice brought back from the Goddess Peak. Meiling drinks the ice that turns into water, and then hugs Xueyou and kisses him.

Three years later, Qing Yao pushed off all his trips because he had more important things to do. Fans lined up to ask for autographs from biantinghua. When Tinghua saw the man, she remembered all kinds of things before. Meiling and Xueyou come here. Xueyou says that they are going to travel around the world and come to her signing before leaving. Meiling said that Tinghua has a lot of fans now, but Tinghua says of course, because she is a gold medal agent. Qingyao comes to say hello to Bian Tinghua, a gold medal agent, and asks her to have a meal with her in the evening. Tinghua took the rose and said she had to think about it. Qingyao took her hand and left. Fans applauded and wished them happiness.

Ma Rui appeared at the fashion show with Alex Huang's arm. Alex Huang announced that he was not only the president of keen fashion, but also his fiancee. After the show was over, they would officially get married. Xueyou gave Meiling a bunch of roses. Meiling was not happy. Shouldn't it be 999? Xueyou said that a bunch of roses represents a heart. Does she hope she has 999 flower hearts? Meiling forgives him with a smile.

Before the press conference, Qingyao is very nervous, and Tinghua stands on tiptoe and kisses him. At the fashion conference, the performances of Qingyao and Meiling attracted bursts of applause, and the conference ended successfully.