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The most beautiful 24 episodes: Lu Licheng's love for Su man

Lu Licheng lost to song Xu because of his basketball match. In addition, Su man's loud love for song Xu makes Lu Licheng feel more sad. In order to dispel his depression, he chooses to go to the nightclub to drink and relax. However, Su man follows Lu Licheng because he is worried about him. Unexpectedly, Lu Licheng is so drunk that Su man has to send him home What's going to happen to two people in my family?

Best time episode 24: Xu Chongjin decides not to cooperate with Song Yi

Lu Licheng is depressed because he lost the basketball game to Song Yi. After work, he comes to the nightclub to drink and relax. Su man is worried about Lu Licheng's situation and comes to the nightclub to find Lu Licheng. Lu Licheng and Su man come to the nightclub alone to find him. He immediately drinks a few drinks to take Su man away from the night club.

Su man knows that Lu Licheng is upset because of the basketball game. In fact, Lu Licheng is not completely upset about the game. The main reason is that Su man expresses his love to Song Yi in a loud voice during the game. When he thinks that the person Su man likes is Song Yi, Lu Licheng becomes more and more sad. He claims that he likes a woman. Su man doesn't know that the woman Lu Licheng is talking about is herself Lu Licheng lies on the floor regardless of his image. Su man is so angry that he calls a taxi and gets into the car to ask the driver to drive. The driver has found out that Lu Licheng has fallen out of the car. He is curious and regards Lu Licheng as Su man's boyfriend and persuades Su man to take care of Lu Licheng.

Under the good advice of the driver, Su man gives up the idea of leaving Lu Licheng alone. He gets up and leaves the taxi to help Lu Licheng back to his private car. He takes the initiative to drive Lu Licheng back to his home. Lu Licheng is so drunk that he has no ability to open the door with the key. So Su man has to change the key from Lu Licheng's pocket and pick up the key to open the building Door.

Lu Licheng is helped back home to rest. Su man goes to another place to lie down and sleep. Unconsciously, she slowly falls into a dreamland. At this time, Lu Licheng has been sober up and comes out of the room to find Su man lying on one side. His face shows love.

Before Lu Licheng has a good look at Su man, the boss of the company calls to say that he has business to talk about. Su man has come to her senses. On hearing that Lu Licheng is going to work again, she looks puzzled and thinks it's strange to go to work on weekends.

Lu Licheng and Song Yi come to the president's office and tell them a task. They hope that Lu Licheng and Song Yi can carry out the task well. The other party to the task is Xu Zhongjin. Knowing that he wants to cooperate with maccoo, Xu Zhongjin thinks that Song Yi is the murderer who killed his daughter. He angrily calls his subordinates to the office and claims that he will not cooperate with maccoo in any case.

Xu's mother didn't know that Song Yi worked in Macco. She came to Xu Zhongjin's office and talked about his work. Xu Zhongjin could no longer suppress his anger and tell him about Song Yi's work in Macco.

In the middle of the night, Su man comes to Xu's family for a visit. Xu lianshuang and her parents warmly welcome Su man. During this time, Xu's mother is in high spirits and talks about the performance related topics.

Su man doesn't know that Song Yi and Xu Zhongjin know each other. During the meeting, she mentions Xu Zhongjin. As soon as Song Yi hears that he is cooperating with Xu Zhongjin, he leaves the meeting room in a panic.