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Did Zhanbo recover Wan Yu? What will happen to Hu Yifei?

The love apartment is a funny comedy. The classic quotations of the leading actors are often used by the fans to laugh and laugh in their lives. And because of its high ratings. So two works were shot immediately after the first one. Now the fourth one of love apartment is also under shooting, which is expected to be broadcast in early January 2014. Let's first learn about the story of the TV series!

Love apartment 4

Starring: Chen Helou, Yixiao, Deng Jiajia, Wang Chuanjun, etc

Number of episodes: 30

Director: Wei Zheng

Screenwriter: Wang Yuan

Region: Mainland China

Broadcast time: January 17, 2014

TV station: Anhui Satellite TV Heilongjiang satellite TV Oriental satellite TV Hubei satellite TV

Category: love sitcom modern city

Series: love apartment Season 1 love apartment Season 2 love apartment Season 3

The fourth season of love apartment

At the 2014 Anhui Satellite TV Resources Exhibition and advertising subscription meeting held today, Anhui Satellite TV, which adheres to the strategy of "national opera drama", announced in advance the broadcasting plan of a large number of excellent film and television dramas. Among them, the much concerned urban love comedy "love apartment 4" has been put on file as the new year's drama.

"Love apartment 4" is also the original star. In the fourth quarter, the stories of Zeng Xiaoxian, Hu Yifei, LV ziqiao, Chen Meijia, Guan Gu magic, Tang youyou and Lu Zhanbo are still going on. What kind of stories will they have in the new season?

Xiaoxian and Yifei's career are on the right track, but their feelings are still stumbling. Although ziqiao and Meijia have been friends with each other, LV ziqiao's playful nature is still a headache for Meijia. Guan Gu's career is booming, but there are still occasional disagreements between him and youyou. Zhanbo still can't forget Wan Yu and went to find her. After so many years and so many things, everyone began to understand their own direction of life and the position of each other in their hearts. Not only do they tease, tease and tease each other, but also encourage, help and support each other. There is beauty, there is laughter; there is loss, there is melancholy; there is effort, there is struggle, love apartment as always witnessed everyone's youth and growth, whether Yifei, Xiaoxian, Guangu, Youyou, ziqiao, Meijia or Zhanbo, your story is still going on.