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Li Qin, Zhao Wenxuan's father and daughter's love and hatred

Li Qin and Zhao Wenxuan cooperated again and co starred in the TV series "the return of the gold" is being broadcast on Shenzhen satellite TV at 19:30 every night. Zhao Wenxuan thinks that this father in the play is the nightmare of every daughter. It's so dreary. And Li Qin is known as the most enjoyable revenge princess in history. But in private, will the two people get into the play too deeply and continue the fierce fight, or do they blame the sprouting nature of broomcorn and pull Liqin into the water?

In the play: father and daughter fight against each other, and the princess fights back

In the return of a thousand gold, Zhao Wenxuan plays pan Weisen to the extreme, which makes many audiences hate him. In order to seize his daughter's property, Zhao Wenxuan tries his best to look at his daughter's computer. Li Qin is bullied by his stepmother and sister. His daughter's death is related to this "slag father". However, Li Qin, the "revenge Princess", is not inferior. After learning that Pan Weisen deliberately emptied Shen Shi, indirectly killed her mother, and had a series of shocking secrets such as having an illegitimate child with her stepmother, the princess began to fight back. At the beginning, he adopted a variety of soft policies towards the slag father, pretending to be amnestic, not progressive, and only watching animation and shopping. In fact, he secretly studied the formula and formulated a business plan to compete with his father. This week, Shenzhen satellite TV will broadcast the story of the business fight with the highest heart rate of "the return of thousands of gold", which has the highest heart rate.

Off the stage: selling Meng hand in hand, Zhao Wenxuan holds the mirror for Li Qin

Zhao Wenxuan is regarded as a "strange corn" in the micro blog world. He can make poems, play the piano, play the camera and sell well. There is no trace of "corn" in his 50s. How about the private relationship between the strange corn without the sense of the times and the post-90s' little fresh Li Qin? Zhao Wenxuan, who thinks that he has made everyone in the play, is the happy fruit of Li Qin outside the play! They also have a close group photo. It's strange that Shushu wears blue frame glasses, wears a lovely T-shirt, and sells Meng hand in hand with Li Qin. What's the rhythm? People who don't know think it's a pair of love affairs How can you believe that they are thirty years apart? They are really the most cute partner! In addition, this strange millet also personally manipulates the scene of Li Qin being locked in the basement. He really loves Shen Changqing (played by Li Qin). He also calls Li Qin a beautiful little Qianjin and Princess Qinqin. The great contrast between the two partners in the play shows the high performance of the two actors in Qianjin return. Watch how Li Qin and Zhao Wenxuan interpret the "dregs father" and "revenge Princess" on Shenzhen satellite TV at 19:30 every night, which is good-looking outside the play!