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The most beautiful time Episode 17: Su man hints to song Xu that macold's accounts are manipulated b

The most beautiful time Episode 17: Song Yi checks the accounts and finds that the company's accounts are inconsistent

Su man is very happy to be transferred to Song Yi's department. At night, he comes to a small restaurant and meets Lu Licheng. Lu Licheng is worried that Su man is too happy to accept some business. Instead, Su man doesn't listen to him. Instead, he mentions that Lu Licheng is on a business trip. Seeing that Su man doesn't want to listen to others, Lu Licheng gets up and leaves the restaurant without saying a word.

On the way home by car, Lu Licheng thought of his time with Su man. Although they had not known each other for a long time, they were at least very happy together.

Linda comes to Song Yi's office and asks Song Yi to take out an audit form because of work needs. Song Yi thinks about it for a moment and lowers her head to take out the audit form. Linda takes it in and reminds Song Yi to sign to show it to others.

Song Yi continues to work overtime in the company. As there is no work to do in the evening, he immediately chats with his netizens. The person who talks with him online is Su man. Su man takes the opportunity to talk about his own situation, saying that he has been secretly in love with a man for many years. Song Yi thinks Su man is boring and laughs that he will be more interested if he talks about stocks. Because the air in the company is too dry, Song Yi decides to make a decision When Ben comes home, he accidentally reveals to Su man that the air is dry. After getting off the net, Su man lies on the sofa and recites the words "humidifier". After thinking about it, she decides to buy a humidifier for Song Yi.

Considering that it's too late and it will take a few days to receive the product if online shopping, Su man thinks that her friend Xu lianshuang has just bought a humidifier, so she calls her friend Xu lianshuang and proposes to buy a humidifier. Xu lianshuang learns that Su man is after Song Yi to give a humidifier, and immediately agrees to take the humidifier to meet Su man when she goes to work the next morning.

The next morning when they meet, Su man is very happy to take over the humidifier. Xu lianshuang asks her about her progress with Song Yi. Su man reveals that she has started to talk with Song Yi about office love. After a brief chat with her friends about Song Yi, Su man goes to the company happily holding the humidifier.

After coming to the company, she quietly puts the humidifier in front of Song Yi's desk. When Song Yi comes to work, he suddenly sees a humidifier in front of the desk, and his face immediately shows doubts. Su man secretly amuses himself. On the surface, she makes a calm appearance and deceives Song Yi into being a machine provided by the company for its employees.

Song Yi finds that there is a problem with the company's accounts in the course of his work. In a hurry, Song Yi comes to President McGonagall's office and tells him about the wrong accounts. Although he is very anxious, Mr. McGonagall is calm and calm. Seeing that the president is not in a hurry, song Yi immediately proposes to report the problem to the headquarters. President McGonagall thinks Song Yi is a storm in a teacup, It is suggested that the internal investigation of the account problem should be carried out first. Then, if the reason is not found out, it is not too late to go to the headquarters.

After discussing with Song Yi, the president came to the hall of the company to announce to all the employees that the company had carried out the accounting audit. After listening to the president's words, the employees were in a state of great danger.