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Kiss love on tiptoe 4: Yao Di and Jin Zhenxun disguise as lovers

Tip on one's toes to kiss love episode 4: Qing Yao introduces Bian Tinghua to her job, but to make her promise to pretend to be her girlfriend, Tinghua agrees. Ruoxi talks to Tinghua. Tinghua deliberately says that Qingyao pursues himself actively. Tinghua works in a travel agency and is very diligent.

Early in the morning, the sound of Tinghua's broadcast gymnastics awakens Qingyao. After she came out, she chased Qingyao all the way to ask him to compensate him. She lost her job for him and her mobile phone broke. When they come to Zhang Xue's travel agency, Qingyao sees Ruoxi here. She grabs Tinghua and says that she can be compensated and a stable job can be offered to her. But one condition is that she should pretend to be her girlfriend. Tinghua didn't want to agree, but she was pulled into some travel agencies by Qingyao.

It's hard to say if you're close to Huaxi. Everyone sat down and talked. Qingyao introduced Tinghua to them as his girlfriend and asked her to work here from now on. Tinghua wants to say it, but Qingyao has been covering her mouth and won't let her say it. She also introduces Ruoxi to everyone. If Xi didn't want him to be so strange, she got up and left. Xueyou pulls Qingyao out to chase Ruoxi and asks her to stay. However, Qingyao is still very hard to listen to Ruoxi. He was warned that he must settle down this VIP client and go back to his room first.

If Xi wants to compensate Qingyao, Qingyao says that the biggest compensation for him is not to bother him. If Xi didn't want him to be so indifferent to himself, she cried. When she got a call from Zhang Xianling, she told her that she had left. See Meiling, two people sitting on the roadside talking, Ruoxi drive over to invite Tinghua to chat, Tinghua agrees.

Zhang Xueyou asked Ruoxi if she had signed a contract, and Qingyao told him that Ruoxi was his ex girlfriend. Xueyou blames him for not putting the court to work so soon. Qingyao says that he is a shareholder and has the right. Tinghua is not happy to hear Ruoxi say that Qingyao only likes her for so many years. Tell her that Qingyao actively pursues her and follows her all the time. She only agrees.

After finishing with Ruoxi, Tinghua tells Meiling that Ruoxi is too narcissistic. After listening to her, Meiling wants to see that Qingyao very much. Back to her residence, Meiling knocks on Qingyao's door, regardless of Tinghua's obstruction. When Qingyao came out, Meiling introduced herself and said that he was her great brother. If Xi went to court flower to demonstrate, she almost said that she was blocked back by court flower. Tinghua called her back in time and asked her to go back.

Tinghua received a call from her mother, and her family needed money again. Think of Qingyao can give himself a stable job, and double wages, but to be his girlfriend. So Tinghua came to Qingyao gate and agreed to his request. Court spent to advance wages, afraid of his default, asked him to 3000 yuan.

Tinghua calls her mother when she calls home. When she comes to the travel agency, she is accused of being late by Qingyao. She gave the contract to Tinghua and asked her to follow the contract. When Tinghua saw that the contract was unreasonable, she began to supplement the contract.

When Tinghua comes to work, she is asked to call herself manager and start working. Seeing that the travel agency was in a mess, Tinghua began to tidy up. When she saw that she was well organized, she praised her ability. Qingyao is harassed by women when she works in a bar. Xueyou comes to him with Tinghua. Qingyao pulls her out to ask her to go home, but she is surrounded by a large group of fans to sign.