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Zhang Han, Zhao Liying, starring Shanshan. When will it be shown? What is the story about?

Shanshan comes to eat

The story tells the story of a small staff member, Shan Shan, who has been defeated and defeated again and again, and finally had to give up his arms and surrender. This time, Zhang Han is upgraded from an elite struggling man to challenge the role of the invincible big boss. His style is becoming more and more mature.

Because of her rare blood type, Cunninghamia lanceolata was admitted by fengteng. Later, she donated blood for fengteng's younger sister, who was suffering from severe hemorrhage, and was eaten and wiped by Mr. Feng Teng step by step

He is a clever man and a lovely woman.

Cast member of "Chinese fir comes to eat"

Xue Shanshan -- Zhao Liying

Feng Teng -- Zhang Han