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Angel AI Meili 10 episode: AI Meili's first kiss is robbed by GE Xiang

The 10th episode of angel AI Meili

Gao Ao came home and saw that there was a picture of AI Meili on the door of his room. He wanted to tear it off, but he put it away again.

Huode asked his brother and Chen Xiaoxiao's crew whether they often had dinner together. The elder brother felt a little strange and asked Huode whether he liked Chen Xiaoxiao, but he refused to admit it. Chen Xiaoxiao called Howard and said that Huo de would invite him to dinner, so he asked Howard to come with him. When the brothers ate, the smell of gunpowder was very strong. When they went to the bathroom, HOD accused Howard of being more mature. He also said that from childhood to adulthood, he tried every means to prevent himself from doing what he liked. Huo Hua said that Chen Xiaoxiao is not suitable for him. What Chen Xiaoxiao needs is a luxurious life. Hod just didn't want to listen to his brother.

Liu xiaorou comes to find the aviation baby of Chen xiaofiction company. She is the one who envies her very much. A passenger is a vegetarian and asks Chen Xiaoxiao to prepare some vegetarians for herself. Chen Xiaoxiao tells AI Meili to serve the kelp soup to the guests, but AI Meili does not know how to serve the sparerib soup to him. The passenger took a sip and vomited out, accusing Amy. Kang Hui accuses AI Meili of being careless, while Chen Xiaoxiao says that it is Aimei who is not careful. Kang Hui said that both of them were wrong in this matter, and the apprentice who did wrong should also be punished. Kanghui announced that their punishment content was the cancellation of AI Meili's bonus and the cancellation of Chen Xiaoxiao's opportunity to attend the company's annual meeting. AI Meili catches up with Chen Xiaoxiao and explains that she didn't mean to, but Chen Xiaoxiao says that AI Meili is naive and kind every day, but actually she has a lot of bad water, so she doesn't want to involve herself. AI Meili said that Chen Xiaoxiao could not insult herself like this. Huo Hua and Liu xiaorou come over. Chen Xiaoxiao also says that AI Meili scolds herself, and everyone will not forgive AI Meili. Chen Xiaoxiao passes by GE Ao. Ge Ao stops Chen xiaonovel from being so mean to people. He has already heard what she said to AI Meili. Gao Ao goes to AI Meili and pulls her away. Liu xiaorou is not clear about the situation.

Gao takes AI Meili to the seaside. AI Meili vent to the sea, and Gao takes the coconut to her. Amy asked him if he was stupid. Gao Ao said she was not stupid, but she was not smart. Gao Ao said to AI Meili that he saw something about her and Chen Xiaoxiao, and did not want her to deny herself because of other people's mistakes. Amy said she would not be defeated like this.

AI Meili and Gao Ao go shopping in the supermarket. Ge Ao says why they don't eat out. Amy said eating out is expensive and unhygienic. At this time, Gao Ao's mother called him and asked him to attend the blind date on time tomorrow.

Chen Xiaoxiao played the piano for Howard and Howard. He said that he wanted to play at the company's year-end meeting, but now it's all gone. He also said that he would like to stay away from Amy when he thought about her. Hoder said Amy wasn't really bad. Howard said that hod fell in love with Amy. We are discussing why Gao Ao always helps AI Meili. Chen Xiaoxiao remembered that he had a life planning class to go.

Yang Shuai finds Kanghui and thanks her for helping him take care of Mengmeng. Kang Hui said that children now need the care of their families. Yang Shuai said that these years have really filled Kang Hui with a lot of trouble. Li Zhong came to the airport to look for Kang Hui. In front of them, Li Zhong said that he had not disturbed their elegance. After Yang Shuai left, Kanghui said that she couldn't stand her being with Yang Shuai. Although Yang Shuai had helped himself, should he be grateful for Zade all his life? He didn't want to take his wife in. Kang Hui left angrily.

Amy said thanks for inviting grandpa Ge to coffee. I didn't expect that this cafe is the coffee shop for goo's blind date. Ge Ao meets Xu Xiaohui, who is a blind date. Xu Xiaohui is very satisfied and excited to see Ge Ao. Granddad Ge said to AI Meili that opportunities are hard won and should be cherished. AI Meili said that she would also work well for her mother. She also said that she met a philanthropist who not only let herself live in for free, but also allowed her to do housework and give her pocket money. Amy said she didn't know what grandfather Ge did, but she could feel that he was a good man. Ge Ao goes out to make a phone call and sees AI Meili make her pretend to be her girlfriend and let the blind date retreat. AI Meili said that she would not do it, but Gao Ao offered herself an attractive price and then agreed with him. Ge Ao pulls AI Meili to meet Xu Xiaohui and says that AI Meili is his girlfriend. Xu Xiaohui met AI Meili and didn't believe that they were real lovers, but also let them kiss to prove. AI Meili and Xu Xiaohui quarrel. Ge Ao drinks a lot of water to strengthen his courage and finally kisses AI Meili.