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My family spring and autumn, winter and summer Episode 9: Qin Youtian annoys his ex-wife Zhang Zhaod

My family's spring and autumn, winter and summer Episode 9

When ma'ao was about to leave, the express delivered something that was an air purifier. As soon as Qin Youtian guessed that it was Zhang Zhaodi, he asked the courier to take it back. Ma Nao signed the express for fear of embarrassment.

When Lailai and yuzixiao have a meal, Yu Zixiao asks Lailai if he has any other ideas about his work. Yu Zixiao wants to help Lailai invest in Lailai. But it seems that it hurt Lailai's self-esteem and left before Lailai's meal is finished.

Yu Zixiao made a phone call to Fafa and asked her to help. If she came and went home, she would send a short message to herself.

Pine asked Duoduo at night what company they were and how they were treated so well. Duoduo didn't tell pine what he was doing in the company.

Zhang Zhaodi went to the door after delivering the TV and air purifier. In order to reunite with Qin Youtian, Zhang Zhaodi sincerely apologized for the last incident. Although Zhang Zhaodi said well, Qin Youtian still wanted to give the money to Zhang Zhaodi. Zhang Zhaodi got up and left in order not to take the money. Qin Youtian told Zhang Zhaodi that it would be a wedding gift for her and Manau.

Come and don't answer Zixiao's phone call, Fafa can see that there is something wrong with them. When they have dinner, they come to tell FA that Yu Zixiao wanted to invest in his physical store yesterday, but they had a good time before, and they were very unhappy when they broke up. They didn't want Yu Zixiao's money.

Ma'ao came back from shopping and met Zhang Zhaodi downstairs. Zhang Zhaodi was first picky about the dishes Ma Ao bought. This time, Zhang Zhaodi bought Qin Youtian warm underwear.

Yu Zixiao brought flowers and lunch to Lailai. He advised Lailai to be nice to yuzixiao.

She didn't buy the size of her underwear. After returning her clothes, Zhang Zhaodi came back and measured Qin Youtian herself. Manau deliberately avoided saying that she went out to buy rice. After Ma Nao left, one day Qin kept saying Ma Ao's kindness in front of Zhang Zhaodi. Zhang Zhaodi could not help but burst out. After the outbreak, Zhang Zhaodi found out and left again.

After Zhang Zhaodi went out, she met Duo Duo, and she advised her to send meals to Qin Youtian every day.