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Love shinning 57 episode plot: Gao ran stands out for Zhen Zhu

Love shinning episode 57: Gao ran warns Kangfu in person

Zhen Zhu is very grateful after her mother Zhang and general manager Ding extricate themselves. General manager Ding tells Xiaobai to go to the warehouse to do some things. As a result, Xiaobai says that she can't move them. May is also sent to help Xiaobai carry things. Kang Linlin was very angry, but she was helpless for a moment. Hong Youlan comes to find Zhen Zhu. Xiaobai meets Hong Youlan who is stopped by the security guard at the door. He lies and says Zhen Zhu is not working. May heard Xiaobai lie very disapproved, immediately said Zhen Zhu was at work. Because of this, Xiaobai immediately found an excuse to blame may. Hong Youlan and Zhen Zhu finally meet. They sit on the bench and talk. Hong Youlan is very happy to tell Zhen Zhu that he has returned the 200000 yuan to his father. However, Zhen Zhu is still very worried.

Hong Youlan thinks Zhen Zhu is angry because of her money collection, but Zhen Zhu says it's not because of it. Gao ran comes to the hospital to find Kang Fu, saying that he is Zhen Zhu's family. Gao ran always thinks that Kangfu is not good for Zhen Zhu, and accuses Kangfu of bad intentions in order to let Zhen Zhu donate his kidney. Zhang Kefeng heard Gao Ran's conversation outside the door, and immediately knew Zhen Zhu's life experience and why Zhen Zhu came to the hospital to look for Kang's mother that day. Zhen Kang will never let her father leave after donating the kidney. When Zhen Zhu is in the company, Xiaobai deliberately finds excuses to find fault. Zhen Zhu is very angry and quarrels with each other. Zhang Kefeng came to the company, said he had something to discuss with Zhen Zhu, and then two people left the company. When she saw two people leaving the company, she was very angry.

Zhang Kefeng asked Zhen Zhu whether he was ostracized by his colleagues in the company. Zhen Zhu didn't know how to answer. Kang Linlin was very angry when she returned home and told her mother that Zhang Kefeng was with another woman. Kang's mother did not know that the woman was Zhen Zhu. She comforted Kang Linlin patiently. Zhen Zhu meets Zhen Na, who says that her work is going well and Gao ran treats herself very well. Zhen Zhu was reprimanded by his mother when she went home. Zhen Zhu was in a bad mood and refuted a few words. As a result, he mother was very angry about this. He's father advised his mother that Zhen Zhu was in a bad mood. It's very likely that she has encountered something troublesome.