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Love shinning 55 episodes: Zhen Zhu is told the truth of her life experience

Wang Xueping's condition is becoming more and more critical, and the mystery of Zhen Zhu's life experience will also emerge. How would her aunt accept Kangfu's 200000 yuan? How would Zhen Zhu react if she knew that her biological mother was Kang Linlin's?

Love shinning episode 55: Zhen Zhu learns the truth of her life experience

Hong Youlan is very contradictory. I don't know if I should give the money back to the other party. Zhen Zhu comes in and thinks Hong Youlan is worried about other things, so she sits down to comfort Hong Youlan and doesn't need to worry. Hong Youlan is very guilty. She can't help telling Zhen Zhu that her biological mother is actually Kangmu. Zhen Zhu heard the news and immediately turned pale. Hong Youlan tells Zhen Zhu the whole process of knowing the news and says that she has seen Zhen Zhu's photo in Kang's home. Zhen Zhu is very sad. She doesn't know what she is thinking.

At night Zhen Zhu returned home and thought about some things she and Kangmu got along with. She once told her that her wish was to become a qualified designer. Kang's mother once advised her to take part in a certain competition. She always cared about herself. She thought it was the other party's fate, but she didn't expect that she was her own daughter. Zhen Zhu recalled that he's mother was very sad about some of her own things. Zhen Zhu comes to the hospital and plans to see Kang's mother. Zhen Zhu doesn't know which ward Kangmu lives in, so she goes to ask Zhang Kefeng. Zhang Kefeng was still angry because of Gao Ran's affairs and refused to tell the other party. Zhen Zhu is very depressed, Zhang Kefeng finally can't bear to tell Zhen Zhukang's mother's ward. Zhen Zhu came to Kangmu's door, but did not know whether to go in or not.

At this time, Kang's father and Kang Linlin come out from inside. Kang's mother doesn't know that Zhen Zhu has learned the truth, so she goes out laughing and talking. Grandma Zhen Zhu comes to the hospital to talk to Hong Youlan. As a result, Hong Youlan is very flustered. Zhen Zhu's grandmother went out to make a phone call. As a result, she ran into Zhang Kefeng. Zhang Kefeng apologizes quickly. Although Zhen Zhu's grandmother is angry, she thinks the other side is a handsome young man. Zhen Zhu's grandmother forgot to bring her change, so Zhang Kefeng borrowed the phone to make a phone call. Zhang Kefeng dialed the phone number. It turned out that it was Zhen Zhu's. Zhang Kefeng hung up the phone and lied that his mobile phone was out of power and left the scene in a panic.