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Angel AI Meili Episode 4: AI Meili is insulted by passengers and seen by her mother

Episode 4 of angel AI Meili: when Wang Xiaoyong came back from training, she saw that Amy was cleaning up. Qian Manni satirized Wang Xiaoyong for his low vision. Wang Xiaoyong felt humiliated and took AI Meili away. Wang Xiaoyong asked AI Meili why she had to be a cleaner. AI Meili said she wanted to be a stewardess. She also said that she could be closer to him. She apologized to Wang Xiaoyong. Wang Xiaoyong forgives her, and they go away fighting.

Ge Ao's grandfather came to the cleaning department to ask the leader of AI Meili about her work. Her colleagues said that Amy worked very seriously and was often praised by passengers. He also said that she wanted to be a flight attendant before she left the airport. Grandfather Ge heard that and left. When a passenger fainted, AI Meili used her first aid knowledge to rescue him as much as possible. Grandfather Ge saw it and felt very pleased.

After boxing, Ge Ao is sweating profusely without wearing a jacket. AI Meili takes advantage of Ge Ao's inattention to cross the warning line and goes to the toilet. Gao sneers at Ai Meili and asks her to clean up the toilet and says she has a habit of cleanliness. Aimei is angry but doesn't care about him.

Granddad Ge came to AI Meili and gave her a stewardess uniform. AI Meili couldn't be happy.

Amy wore a stewardess uniform and went home to let her mother and aunt fat see her. Both said that Amy had temperament when she wore a stewardess uniform. Amy couldn't be happier. Wang Xiaoyong came to see AI Meili and said in front of the two parents that AI Meili was excellent. The two parents were very happy.

AI Meili is not here. Ge Ao is alone in the rental house. He is not happy. He is enjoying a good time when someone knocks on the door. When he opens the door, his mother comes to see him. His happy mood is swept away. Wang Xiaoyong holds AI Meili and tells her not to be a cleaner any more. She is hard and tired, but her treatment is not high. AI Meili said that she likes to work in the airport. She can see Wang Xiaoyong, closer to her dream.

Ge Ao's mother advised him to go home, but he told his mother that what he needed now was freedom, and then sent his mother away.

Fat aunt went to the airport to see her friends off, but saw AI Meili who was cleaning. A female passenger is still littering with melon seeds. AI Meili warns her not to litter. However, the female passenger doesn't listen to the advice and throws the melon seed skin on AI Meili's face. Amy was arguing with her when her mother arrived at the airport. Mother took Amy and asked her why she wanted to cheat herself and how could she be so vain. Her mother took AI Meili and asked her to follow her home. However, she insisted on staying here and said that she wanted to be a stewardess. Her dream was to be a stewardess. She also said that she didn't want her mother to be looked down upon by others because of herself. She also wanted to prove to everyone that she could be admitted as a stewardess. Her mother said that she couldn't see Amy working as a cleaner at the airport. She also asked her where she lived. Amy was afraid to tell the truth. Her mother was angry, so she said that she lived in a friend's house. Her friend had gone abroad and she had a good time there. Mother is not at ease, let Amy take herself to see where she lives. Amy reluctantly agreed to her.

Ge Ao's parents at home are arguing about the discipline of Ge Ao. Ge Ao's father said that if he had a wife, his wife should manage his daily life. So Ge Ao's mother had an idea and said that if he had a girlfriend, someone would manage Ge Ao. He would look for his sister to find a girlfriend for him.

Ai Mei talks with Ge Ao about the conditions and says that if she Fryes eggs for him in the future, she can remove the warning line. Ge Ao has to bow down for her stomach and agrees to Amy's conditions. Ge Ao was anxious to eat eggs and burned his hands. AI Meili wipes medicine for GE Ao, but Ge Ao is ungrateful and drives her out. AI Meili said that she really apologized to him this time, but she was so angry with herself that she left.

The next day, Amy woke up and wanted to make up for her mistake yesterday, so she got up early to prepare a delicious meal for Gao.