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Angel AI Meili episode 3: a rented house by Aimei and Ge Xiang

Ai Mei was identified as a thief stealing mobile phone by the police. The relationship between the two people began to become more complicated. What would happen next?

Angel AI Meili episode 3:

Chen Xiaowei is preparing to change clothes in the bathroom. After receiving a phone call, she put the stewardess' clothes on the car AI Meili cleaned. When she saw the stewardess' clothes, she took them and put them in front of her body. Chen Xiaowei blamed AI meipervert for seeing them and took them away.

Aimei has not found a place to live, so she wants to go home and confess to her mother. But she hears her mother and fat aunt say she is competing with her. After a long time, she can make her mother live a good life. Aimi pulls her suitcase to the airport hall, recording her spending in recent days.

Geao decided to land under the air, and did not listen to the command of Yang Shuai. When the plane was off, his colleagues congratulated Ge Ao on his success in landing. Yang Shuai said that he was not professional to make an emergency landing without knowing the ground conditions. Ge Ao said that there was no time to discuss in the situation, so he made a decision to land, and said that he made the decision with his intuition. Yang Shuai said that there are too many accidental factors for geao's success, and it will be dangerous if it is flying. Kang Hui came to ask Ge Ao how the test results, Yang Shuai reluctantly said to Kang Hui is passed, so geao left. Yang Shuai is very unhappy.

Kang Hui said to ge ao that he felt that GE Ao was right just now, and said Yang Shuai was also very bad tempered when he started flying. Yang Shuai said Ge Ao is different from himself. Kang said to him, then said he would spend more time with his children, and suggested that he find a girlfriend again. Yang Shuai said there was no time to think about it, and said it was difficult to find a suitable one.

At night, geao took the pillow to vent his dissatisfaction with Yang Shuai. His mother came to comfort him, and said that working in the airline is not necessarily the best choice, and then he will move out the big reason to speak to geao. Ge Ao sent his mother, and decided to move out.

The agent called Aimei to let her see the house. The house was big, but it could be rented together. The agency also said that only this house was in a few miles. Aimei rents the house for 800 yuan at a time. After the intermediary also took Ge Ao to see the house rented to Aimei, geao satisfied to rent the house, and promised the rent of 4000 yuan. The intermediary promised to rent the whole house to ge Ao.

At night, Aimei is cleaning the room. Geao rushes in, and the two people argue. But after taking out the house rental contract, they know that the intermediary is getting bored. Ge Ao let Ai Mei move out, but Ai Mei said she had signed the contract. Geao said he had spent 4000 yuan renting the whole house, and he would not move out. So the two decided to find the agency theory tomorrow.

After returning to their own room, both people feel unlucky, and they think of each other as bad people, so they have done a good job of prevention. Two people have been tired for half a day, and they are asleep unconsciously. Wake up and start to be prepared, tossed up overnight did not sleep well.

The next morning, they woke up and checked their own things and found that nothing was wrong and they were surprised. The two found the agency, but the company door was posted with a stop sign.

Ge Ao's mother called Ge Ao, but no one answered the phone. She blamed her proud father for agreeing to move out and live. She also said that his son had not suffered from childhood, and he could not wash clothes and cook. Ge Ao's mother also said that she was not relieved of the communication circle, but also worried about GE Ao meeting bad people, thinking of these are suspicious.

Aimei and geao found the landlord, who said the intermediary was not reliable, and said that the two of them rented the same day of the house, and they did not know who first, let them rent together, and have a care for each other, and then left. After the landlord left, the two people were mutually exclusive. Ge Ao also pulled up the warning line, to keep a distance with Ai Mei.

Wang Xiaoyong came back to the training and saw that Aimei was cleaning. Qian Manni satirized Xiaoyong with low vision. Wang Xiaoyong pulls Ai Mei and leaves.