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The most beautiful time 15 episodes: Su man is scolded by Lu Licheng and ridiculed by Linda

The most beautiful time Episode 15: Su man is reprimanded by Lu Licheng for letting outsiders into the company without permission

Xu lianshuang comes to Su man's company for a visit. They haven't talked for a few words. Linda is entrusted by Lu Licheng to send food to Su man. After Linda leaves, Xu lianshuang looks at Su man with envy and praises her good treatment in the company and the special meals for employees when she works.

Su man is not happy when she is praised. Instead, she is worried. She reveals that the company has regulations that allow outsiders to enter at will. If Linda reports Xu lianshuang to the company, the company will certainly blame her.

Sure enough, when Song Yi convenes a meeting of employees, Lu Licheng comes in from the outside. As soon as he enters the room, he looks at Su man and reproaches her for letting outsiders into the company.

Su man knows that he is wrong. He stands on the spot and doesn't know what to say. Song Yi immediately helps Su man to say good words.

At the end of the meeting, Su man comes to the bathroom to go to the bathroom. She is depressed at the thought of being taught by Lu Licheng before. At this time, Linda walks in from the outside. Su man turns around and pretends that no one has entered the room. Linda comes to Su man's side and complacently talks to her about being reprimanded by Lu Licheng.

With nothing to do, Su man comes down to the library to look for books. She comes to a row of bookshelves and looks at a book on the shelf. She curiously takes it to her hand and intends to read it. Without waiting for her to read, several employees of the company walk into the bookstore and talk about how Su man has won the favor of Lu Licheng.

Su man hears the female employees talking about themselves, so she hides away in a hurry. Several female employees don't know that Su man is nearby. Instead of looking for books, they stand together and continue to talk about Su man. One of them thinks that Su man's love for Lu Licheng is mainly due to her great skill in bed.

Song Yi stands behind Su man. He also hears the voices of several female employees. Su man is sad and angry with tears. When she finds Song Yi standing behind her, she quickly explains that there is no relationship between Song Yi and Lu Licheng. Song Yi looks at Su man lovingly and sits on the floor and talks about how to start a business.

Under Song Yi's account, Su man is in a good mood. She covers her mouth and almost laughs. Song Yi raises her hand to look at her watch and finds that it's time to go to work. So she gets up from the ground and reaches out to pull Su man up. Su man quickly follows Song Yi to the cash register. Song Yi takes out his wallet and wants to pay. Su man stops his behavior.

After settling accounts and buying books, Su man and Song Yi walk toward the company. As they walk, they continue to gossip.

Lu Licheng drives Su man away. Song Yi suddenly calls to invite Su man to dinner. Su man is very happy. He gets off the bus and goes to the restaurant designated by Song Yi. When he arrives at the restaurant, he sees that Song Yi has been waiting for a long time. After taking his seat, Su man proposes to invite him to dinner.

After dinner, Su man meets his good friend Xu lianshuang and tells the company's gossip to his friends. After meeting his friends, Su man returns home and sits in front of the computer to continue chatting with Song Yi. Song Yi is thinking about his late girlfriend in the process of chatting online, and his eyes often move to the photos of his girlfriend.