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Penetrating the plot to interpret the good or bad people played by Sha Yi?

Drama Title: penetration

Starring: Sha Yi, Chen Jin, Cao Bingkun, Yu Yue, Zhang Jianing

Number of episodes: 34

Director: Huzi

Screenwriter: Qian bin

Year: 2013

Region: Chinese mainland

TV station: Beijing Satellite TV

Type: Spy War theme

Introduction to the penetration of TV series:

On the eve of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, Xu Zhongyi (Sha Yishi), a demoted student in the special training class of the Department of military statistics, was sent to work as an undercover in the Communist Party of China. During his undercover period, he was deeply touched by the belief, words and deeds of the Communist party serving the people, and his thoughts changed. In a sneak attack by the national army, an Eighth Route Army elder sister used her own life to protect Xu Zhongyi's life and awakened her. She was determined to join the Communist Party and devote all her life to the people!

After that, Xu Zhongyi was sent to the Kuomintang's inspection office in Shenyang to start a new undercover life. During the period of the civil war, he provided a lot of materials for the Kuomintang to stand firmly and make use of the Kuomintang's internal situation.

At this time, Mr. Qi, Xu Zhongyi's old rival in the military unification, also came to Shenyang. Qi Gongzi often used fatal tricks, but they were often dissolved in the invisible. The enemy made a sinister plan of infiltration. Xu Zhongyi found a perfect solution to defeat the enemy.