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Sun ran helps Luo Hua'er subdue her parents

Luo Hua'er in order to be together with Tong Youyi, holding the determination to fight with her parents to the end, can parents finally agree to be with them? Will Honghua give in to her daughter?

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Sun ran said to tan Zongyang that his father's coming this time was very strange, because he didn't come from his hometown, and he didn't have any money on his body, so he couldn't move out of this house immediately. Seeing that she went to the police station to pick up Dad today, he would be his grandson. Tan Zongyang asked him whether he wanted his father to make do with what he knew or not. Sun ran said that of course it was unwitting to make do with it. Tan Zongyang said that he was her wife, but now what? Sun ran asked her what she wanted and promised to let dad go back to his hometown in Northeast China for a week. Tan Zongyang agreed, but she has a condition, let him always cooperate with himself, hiding from her parents, sun ran reluctantly agreed.

Sun always sat there watching TV. Sun ran fell asleep on his father's shoulder. Dad saw the bottle of wine under the table and lied that he was sleepy and urged sun ran to go upstairs to sleep. Sun ran turned down the TV and said that it would not affect his sleep. His father always asked him to go upstairs to sleep. Sun ran had no choice but to go upstairs to sleep. Mr. Sun called Xiao Shen and asked him if there was nothing wrong with him. He said that he would go back and give him a bonus.

Hua'er is there imagining whether she can think of a good idea, which can not only make their two things go smoothly, but also let their parents agree? Tong Youyi says that she is delusional. Hua'er is very worried because his parents didn't call. Tong Youyi is worried that they won't come directly. Hua'er is flustered by his saying. At this time, someone knocks on the door, and the man borrows instant noodles from Tong Youyi to satisfy his hunger.

When sun always calls people, he hears sun ran going downstairs. He quickly talks about the restaurant. Sun ran felt that his father had something to hide from him. He asked him if he really wanted to open a restaurant. His father said of course, he had many friends in Beijing who supported him. Sun ran accompanied his father to drink with him. His father urged him to go upstairs and go to bed. Sun ran insisted on drinking with him. His father asked his daughter-in-law how his stomach was? When would he give birth to a grandson? Sun ran turned and left.

Hua'er went downstairs and saw his father standing at the door with his toy in his arms. Dad said he missed her and gave her the toy. Tong again said that Hua'er's parents really treat her as a non weaning child, and brought everything. Does her mother know about it? Hua'er says that her mother cleaned up all these things, but Tong Youyi is puzzled. What medicine is sold in her parents' gourd? Honghua tells Xinghua that they must be tense during this period, and what mobile phones, telephone calls and SMS are strained, so they will be worried Before long, the flowers will come back.

Dad sent Huaer hand-made dumplings, Hua'er told dad not to run, because the road is so far, and it's too cold, dad said that the supermarket can't be the same as his own. Hua'er asked her father about her mother's condition. Her father said that they were all very good, and her room was cleaned up. Honghua told Xinghua that it was to make Hua sad. When she couldn't stand it, she would come back.

At night, Hua'er lies on the bed crying. She dreams that her parents don't want to be herself. Tong Youyi hugs her to comfort her. Hua'er gives Tong Youyi to cook dumplings. When he cooks, he remembers the method of cooking dumplings taught by his father. Sun ran advised Hua'er not to be cheated. She must ignore her parents' concern and go out to restaurants every day. Tan is worried that such a problem is becoming more and more intractable. Hua'er tried it there. The staff said that there were a lot of things to eat this time, and she couldn't finish it by herself, so she asked her colleagues to come and eat together. Hua'er said that her magazine had regulations.

Tong Youyi told sun ran that Hua'er is now washing clothes and cooking with herself. If her parents knew the change of flowers, they would be happy. Sun ran proposes to let Tong and another two go home for dinner. Tan Zongyang suggests that his father-in-law make some meals for them, and then asks them to bring them back to their parents, saying that they made them by themselves. Sun ran advised Tong and another one or two people to play up the spirit, dawn is in front. Looking at Sun Ran's arm around Tan Zongyang's shoulder, Hua'er wonders, are they not divorced? Why are they still so intimate?

Honghua and his wife tasted the food sent by Hua'er. Xinghua said that Hua made it with her friends, and her clothes were washed together with her friends, and there was no need for them to give them milk & hellip; & hellip; Honghua asked him to stop talking. Xinghua advised safflower, not hope flowers grow up earlier? It's good for children to make it like this. Honghua said that it must have been their intention. It was the black boy's idea. Xinghua advised her that the child is good enough to think of this, which means that they have thought of it. If they want to get married, they must do this. Honghua criticizes Xinghua. Who agrees to their marriage?

Hua'er sends a text message to her father. Her mother accuses Hua'er of being provocative. Xinghua persuades her that the child is seeking peace, while Honghua says that they want to piss herself off. She gets a headache. Hua'er accompanied her mother to the hospital. Xinghua asked the doctor whether to use it in hospital or not. The doctor said no. Hua'er asked her mother, why didn't she tell her that she had been ill for a few days? Her mother cried and said that she was angry with her illness. Should she go home or cut off all relations with the black boy? Hua'er said that she would definitely go home and let her mother stop being angry. At the same time, she asked her mother if she could stop her relationship. Her mother said angrily that she would go where she wanted to go and come back when she died. Tong Youyi goes to the hospital to see Honghua. Honghua has a headache again, so Xinghua goes to register.