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Hello, 30. What's the story about? What role does Du Chun masu play?

Du Chun and masu, who are 30 years old, have been on the hot TV show. What are their respective roles? What is the plot of this TV play?

Episode: 30 episodes

Cast of Hello 30

Du Chun as Tong Youyi

Masu flower

Sui LAN adorns Tan Zongyang

Lin Jidong acts as sun ran

Li Jianheng as Liu Binglin

Liu Hua as president sun

Liu Lili as Miao Chunhua

Zhang Haotian as Zeng Xiaolin

How are you at 30

2010 is the first year for the post-80s, known as' greenhouse flowers' and 'little sun', to turn 30. No matter how they lived before, after that, like everyone else, they have to cross the threshold of 30, which is very important in their life. For thirty, we shall stand. What does "Li" mean? Does it only mean getting married? This is also the puzzle and question that people in the drama are facing. They will be entangled, distressed, frustrated, and will cause them to think deeply and try hard to find the answer and face these problems bravely.

Tong Youyi and sun ran are college classmates and friends. They have different personalities and different pursuits, but they are the same. Like all their peers, they have had flying dreams and great ambitions. But as soon as they are about to be thirty, they have not reached their goals, and they have not even made psychological preparations. Gradually, they began to worry and suffer.

Facing the life of 30 this ridge, not married Tong and heart flustered, vowed to marry before the age of 30. But to his surprise, in order to get married and have a family, he embarked on an extremely difficult road. All kinds of accidents and attacks made him unprepared and embarrassed. First, his girlfriend Luo Hua'er's parents didn't like him, so they didn't agree to get married. The permission was finally obtained. As soon as the parents of both sides met, the trouble came again. They could not look on each other. They had various differences on the wedding ceremony and the house. After difficult negotiation and communication, the problem was finally solved, but when everyone was busy decorating the new house, an accident happened. Luo Huaer's father died in an accident in order to decorate the new house. The wedding had to run aground. As the son-in-law to be, Tong Youyi has to deal with the affairs of his father-in-law. However, no matter how busy he was, Miao Honghua, his mother-in-law, thought that his husband's death was his fault, which made her unable to accept him. After that, coupled with the contradictions in their lives, the two people were in a lot of crisis, which made Luo Hua'er who was sandwiched between them very upset.

When Tong Youyi is busy getting married, sun ran unexpectedly and quickly divorced Tan Zongyang. The two began to fall in love since the University, because it was Tan Zongyang's active pursuit of sun ran, so sun Ran has always been in the upper hand emotionally. But after graduation a job, sun Ran's popularity was gradually suppressed by Tan Zongyang, who was more and more excellent. This was a kind of torture and satire for sun ran, who had a high spirit. In fact, divorce is not a matter of principle. It's just a quarrel that leaves. Divorce is happy and decisive, but after the divorce, many practical problems, coupled with sun Ran's father, Sun Zong's interference and trouble, let the two people are still separated.

Just after Tong Youyi finished his father-in-law's affairs, something happened to his family again. The noisy parents also made a divorce. Zuo Dongmei, Tong Youyi's mother, was angry and moved to Tong Youyi's new house. This incident caused another uproar. Miao Honghua even suspected that they didn't really want to leave at all. It was a fake divorce caused by occupying the new house.

Whether Miao Honghua thinks right or not, Zuo Dongmei's behavior hinders Tong Youyi and Luo Huaer's marriage, and they have no place to get married. Again, because of the house, because of a shelter, Tong Youyi and Luo Hua'er began to rush and tangle. In the end, it was Miao Honghua who sold her old house in Nanjing with her husband and set up a home for her daughter and son-in-law in Beijing.

With a house and a home, Tong Youyi and Luo Huaer's life is not like the fairy tale, since then the prince and princess began a happy life. Because life is full of all kinds of problems and contradictions, between Tong Youyi and Luo Huaer, between Tong Youyi and his mother-in-law, his mother-in-law, Tong Youyi and his parents, Luo Hua'er and her parents in law, and so on.

While Tong Youyi and sun ran are struggling to deal with all kinds of problems in their lives, they should also take into account their work, but the problems in life will certainly affect their respective work. In order to help Tong Youyi raise money to buy a house, sun ran pulled a business originally belonging to the company to a friend's shop outside. Later, he made a mistake and was sued by the client to the Public Security Bureau, which eventually led to his losing his job. Tong Youyi is also, the trivial matters in life make him who was excellent in his work frequently make mistakes and mistakes, so he lost his job and faced with the dilemma of starting all over again.

But life is not like this, no matter good or bad, whether you are willing or not, you have to continue, have to face. In these tribulations and setbacks, the post-80s who do not want to grow up in the play still grow up, learn to face and learn to bear.

After his divorce, sun ran, who felt extremely empty, pursued money, success and women, but these did not completely solve his problems. After a difficult start-up, sun ran finally achieved success, but an accident destroyed everything he had. Sun Ran is facing the situation of having nothing. Not only in career, but also in emotion, he may lose Tan Zongyang completely. But under the pain, sun ran did not escape, but bravely chose to bear, and poured all of his victims' families for compensation. What he didn't expect was that it was his actions that helped him save Tan Zongyang's heart.

After the failure reflection, Tong Youyi and Luo Hua'er no longer evade the problems and contradictions in their lives. From the beginning, they bravely deal with them, and then they actively try to solve them. Finally, they are able to cope with the contradictions. In this process, the two people's feelings have also been sublimated, from the initial flying feelings, after a little precipitation, gradually deepened, and finally when their child was born, they finally realized what it means to be with each other.

Miao Honghua gradually feels the change of Tong Youyi, who has always been despised. She finally understands her husband's words. Tong Youyi is a good material. In time, she will make a good piece of steel. This is how steel is made.

The process of steel-making is the process of the growth of the post-80s, who want to enter their thirties, as well as the baptism of their real life. What is standing at 30? Through all kinds of experiences and experiences of the characters in our play, we should tell the audience that Li is not only a simple and narrow-minded family and career, but also an establishment. When a person reaches 30, he or she should be able to rely on his own ability to independently undertake his own responsibilities, determine his life goal and development direction, and be able to face problems and solve problems calmly 。 This is not only the truth that the post-80s generation in this play should understand, but also what everyone of us should know. It is fundamental and also the key to solve all kinds of puzzles and troubles in our real life. Because understand this truth, will let us more brave and full of strength.