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Let's get married. What's the end of Ramo? What is her relationship with carambola?

Blue end is also an important role in the wedding bar, she and carambola have a close relationship, so let's analyze what kind of relationship they have! What is the final outcome of the end of the blue end?

Introduction and ending of LAN Weiwei

LAN Weiwei played by Liu Yan

The daughter of the old team leader and LAN Caiping, peach's best friend, peach's ex boyfriend, because Lan Wei didn't break up with him, Lan Wei kept peach's ex boyfriend in secret, but both of them were cheated by him. After accompanying peach blind date by Li Kui, the latter two married.

LAN Weiwei and the heroine carambola were good friends and girlfriends when they were young. At that time, LAN Weiwei always helped carambola to get ahead. But three years ago, LAN Weiwei robbed carambola's boyfriend Li Wei.

Later, carambola went to the fitness club to return the Yoga card. When leaving, carambola saw that Lan was not beaten by his long lost ex boyfriend Li Wei's wife. This is why LAN Weiwei didn't allow herself to meet her boyfriend. Li Wei changed her name to solemn and Lanwei after abandoning carambola, but she left carambola with hundreds of thousands of credit card debts and a car that didn't pay off the loan.

After Lanwei is not pregnant, she is abandoned by her boyfriend Li Wei. However, LAN Weiwei has no choice but to go to the hospital for abortion. Carambola goes to the hospital to visit LAN Weiwei, who has miscarriage due to ectopic pregnancy. Lan Wei cries for carambola's forgiveness and asks carambola not to tell her parents that Li Wei is solemn.