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Love shinning 54 episodes: Zhen Zhu's mother is critically ill

In the case that Zhen Zhu's grandmother and aunt know who Zhen Zhu's mother is, how long can this matter be hidden from Zhen Zhu? If Zhen Zhu knew that her mother was ill and needed a new kidney, would she not hesitate to donate the kidney for her mother?

Love shinning episode 54: Zhen Zhu's mother is critically ill, will the mystery of her life experience be revealed?

Hong Youlan comes home from work to have a rest in the living room. Grandma Zhen Zhu takes out the 3000 yuan she gave to Zhen Zhu and puts it on the table in front of Hong Youlan. Hong Youlan looks at the money on the table and is puzzled. Zhen Zhu's grandmother reveals that Zhen Zhu thinks Hong Youlan paid her back the money. As soon as her uncle Benshan still owes money, she returns the money. Hong Youlan listens to Zhen Zhu's heart for his own consideration. When he is moved, he returns to the room with the money and puts the money on the table, crying bitterly. Kang Linlin came to the hospital to visit Wang Xueping. After a short talk, Zhang Kefeng and President Kang came in. Kang Linlin learned that Zhang Kefeng was worried about writing a report. She proposed to go for a walk outside the hospital. Zhang Kefeng thought about it and agreed to her request.

Two people came to the hospital outside walking and chatting. Kang Linlin was in a very good mood and came to the bar with Zhang Feng to drink. Hong Youlan couldn't sleep at night. At the thought of Zhen Zhu returning her money, she immediately decided to cancel the previous agreement with President Kang. The next morning, she called President Kang and proposed that the previous agreement was invalid. Unexpectedly, President Kang disclosed that he had transferred 200000 yuan to Hong Youlan's account. Hong Youlan went to the bank to check her account and found that there was 200000 yuan in it. Although she got so much money at once, she was not happy. Instead, she pondered for a moment. She came to the hospital to talk with President Kang. She hoped to cancel the previous agreement. Without waiting for the director to speak, someone called him to reveal that Wang Xueping was in critical condition, and President Kang could not care about it Talking with Hong Youlan, she quickly leaves the office and goes to the ward. Knowing that Wang Xueping is in critical condition, Hong Youlan comes to the door of the ward to check the situation.

Chen Yu and he Guangyao are sitting in the living room talking. Thinking that LV Shanshan is an avant-garde and fashionable daughter-in-law, Chen Yu immediately tells he Guangyao what she thinks. She reveals that she always feels unnatural when she gets along with Lu Shanshan, as if there is a gap between them. Hong Youlan sits on the construction site and recalls her husband's debt. In the next moment, she thinks of Wang Xueping's critical condition. At the thought that Zhen Zhu has to change her kidney to save Wang Xueping, Hong Youlan is in a dilemma whether to persuade Zhen Zhu to offer her kidney. As she thinks more and more disorderly, she suddenly feels a sharp pain in her stomach. Under the pain, Hong Youlan falls on the ground and struggles ceaselessly. Zhen Zhu and Gao ran rush to the hospital to visit Hong Youlan. When they leave, they have to turn back because they forget to bring their mobile phones.