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Love shinning 52 episode plot: Kang Linlin designs again Zhen Zhu and Zhang Kefeng have conflicts

Because Zhang Kefeng is too concerned about Zhen Zhu, Kang Linlin tries to find all kinds of opportunities to make the two people have conflicts. Before that, she deliberately let Zhang Kefeng see Zhen Zhu and Gao ran together. Then what kind of design will they do next?

Love shinning episode 52: Kang Linlin provokes Zhen zhukefeng

Zhen Na went to the overpass alone to cry. Gao ran saw Zhen Na and immediately went to see the other party. Zhen Na cried and fell in Gao Ran's arms. Gao Ran is very frightened. Zhen Na tells Gao ran about her father's situation and hopes that the other party can help him. Gao ran said that he would help himself. As a result, Zhen Na asked for a loan of 200000 yuan. Gao ran was very surprised because he was not a rich man. Two people came to the restaurant to eat, Zhen Na was very hungry and gobbled. Gao ran reminds each other that the corners of her mouth are not wiped clean. Zhen Na quickly picks up a paper towel to wipe it, but she doesn't wipe it clean. Gao Ran is very funny, he took a tissue to help each other eat clean.

Zhen Na is very shy looking at each other, but Gao Ran is distracted at this time. Hong Youlan thinks about the condition that Kang Fu put forward before, Kang Fu can give himself 200000 yuan, as long as Zhen Zhu knows the truth, which makes Hong Youlan in a dilemma. On the one hand, Hong Youlan especially needs the money, but on the other hand, Hong Youlan doesn't want to disturb Zhen Zhu's life. Kang Linlin arranged to give Zhen Zhu a task, Zhen Zhu is very difficult, but still accepted. Zhen Zhu's new task is to go to Zhangjia to do some things. After Zhen Zhu left, Kang Linlin called Zhang Kefeng and told him that Zhen Zhu had gone to Zhangjia to seek help. Kang Linlin deliberately said Zhen Zhu's bad points and told Zhang Kefeng not to be cheated by Zhen Zhu. After listening to Kang Linlin's provocation, Zhang Kefeng intentionally humiliates Zhen Zhu after Zhen Zhu's arrival, saying that the other party is always looking for his own help.

But Zhen Zhu received the task is to find Zhang's mother to do things, immediately urgent and angry. At this time, Xiaobai was in a car next to Zhangjia. She used binoculars to monitor the two people in dispute. She also called kanglinlin to tell her what happened here. After returning home, Xiaobai suggests that Kang Linlin should take advantage of the victory, but Kang Linlin thinks that the relationship between Zhen Zhu and Zhang Kefeng is over, and there can be no further development between them. Xiaoqi lies asleep in bed, and his mother is very kind to watch her grandson fall asleep. At this time, he father came in, and his mother was very happy to discuss with his father about who Xiaoqi looked like.