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How did Malatang and song Xu know the most beautiful time? Does song Xuzhen love Xu lianshuang?

In the most beautiful time, Su man and his best friend Xu lianshuang both like song Xu, but song Xu can't forget his first girlfriend Xu Qiu. But in order to find Xu Qiu's shadow or make up for his inner guilt, he chooses to be with Mala ironing Xu lianshuang. Do you think there is a real love between them?

Malatang (Han Xiting) fell in love with Song Yi (Jia Nailiang) because of a kidney transplant operation. A few years later, Malatang recognized Song Yi in the crowd and began to pursue him. Song Yi chose to be with her in order to atone. When Malatang excitedly introduces Song Yi to his best friend Su man (Zhang Junning), he doesn't expect that Song Yi is Su man's sweetheart for ten years. Su manqiang tries to escape from the restaurant with the help of Lu Licheng (Zhong Hanliang). Under the guidance of Lu Licheng, Su man goes back to the dinner table with Lu Licheng and lies to Malatang that Lu Licheng is his boyfriend. Four people with different thoughts ended the dull dinner in a hot and hot atmosphere without knowing it.

Song Yi finally realizes his sincerity. He has only guilt and no love for Malatang. Song Yi's expression of sadness and forbearance in the face of Han Xiting's Malatang indicates that they are doomed to a tragic ending. When Malatang realized that Song Yi didn't love her, she was sad and depressed. Finally, she relapsed and was admitted to the hospital. With the secret beginning of love, the ending is always sad.