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Is love shinning Zhen Zhu and Kang Linlin related by blood? Is Wang Xueping the biological mother of

With the ups and downs of the plot, the relationship between the characters is becoming more and more complex. Kang Linlin and Zhen Zhu fight each other several times. Zhen Zhu is still living a strong and independent life, and Kang's mother is Zhen Zhu's biological mother. Kang Linlin also calls her mother Kang. What kind of relationship are they?

Zhu YAYING plays the role of Wang Xueping, Zhen Zhu's mother, President Kang's wife, elegant and kind-hearted rich wife and President Kang's husband and wife are very affectionate. At first, because they always want to take on the responsibility of mother, they educate Kang Linlin, which leads to their bad relationship. After Zhen Zhu was born, her husband passed away, and her mother-in-law resented her. She left her daughter Zhen Zhu at her mother-in-law's house and chose to end her life. Wang Xueping is accidentally rescued by President Kang and returns to search for Zhen Zhu. She finds that her family has moved away and there is no news. So she spent half her life in self blame. She is also enthusiastic about public welfare, hoping to find sustenance. By chance, she met Zhen Zhu, who changed her clothes. Later, Wang Xueping was seriously ill and needed to have a kidney changed. She learned Zhen Zhu's true identity. In order to protect her daughter from donating her kidney to herself, she did not dare to recognize her daughter.

Jiang Ruolin acts as Kang Linlin, a 25-year-old young lady. My father is the head of the most luxurious private hospital in the city. Because her mother died early and was spoiled from childhood, her relationship with stepmother Wang Xueping was very rigid. Under the stimulation of Zhang Kefeng, he began to change. After returning from studying abroad, he joined swan as the deputy director. He became mature in character and began to have a harmonious relationship with Wang Xueping. Later, Wang Xueping and her daughter Zhen Zhu met and suffered psychological injury. Kang Linlin has always been in love with Zhang Kefeng, but Kefeng falls in love with Zhen Zhu. In the love between Zhang Kefeng and Zhen Zhu, she uses her work identity to obstruct her. She finally sees Zhen Zhu's growth and kindness, and reconciles with Zhen Zhu, and sincerely sends her best wishes.

Jiang Jiatong, 25, is a fashion designer with a strong sense of responsibility. When Zhen Zhu was at the peak of her happiness, her husband suddenly died of an accident. She gave birth to a child firmly. She was censured by her mother-in-law and took care of her husband's family.. With a firm belief in clothing and fashion, with the dream of becoming a designer, she grew up from a little sister in a tailor's shop to an excellent fashion designer.

Bai fan is the father of Kang Linlin and Wang Xueping's husband. He is the director of the most luxurious private hospital in the city. He is well-off and dotes on his daughter, but he has a deep affection for his wife. At the same time, he is also the leader of Kefeng and has a close relationship with Zhang MEICI's family.