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The most beautiful time 12 episodes wonderful story: Lu Licheng chasing Su man to Qingdao

Xu lianshuang was slapped by her father. She told her father angrily that she would not be her substitute. Then she left home angry. Xu Zhongjin sighs that lianshuang has two of them, but Qiuqiu has tried his best to make up for her these years, but now it seems that some things can't be done.

Xu lianshuang is driving on the road. She stops to pick up the fallen medicine because of heartache. When Linda is going to the bathroom, she hears from her colleagues that Su man is going to work on the Ailey project. The colleague said that Su man is brave enough. The woman who wants to touch the client herself is just looking for death, and she is willing to give up her child. The wolf may not be able to hold on to it. Linda laughs at this.

Su man takes the application form and goes to Lu Shuai for signature. Helen falsely claims that Mr. Lu is not in. Su man said that he had just seen him come up? Helen apologized to Su man. At this time, Su man understood that even if Mr. Lu had signed it now, he might not have signed it. Helen said that was probably the case. Linda meets Su man, and she says that Lu Licheng is still reluctant to leave her for a business trip in Qingdao. Su man doesn't understand what she is talking about. Linda says that she is also the director general and can sign her application form, and then sign on Su man's application form.

Su man has been running after Chen Ping in the morning. Chen Ping gets on the bus and asks Su man to get on the bus. Su man asks him why she is following him. After she talks about her origin, Chen Ping says that they are not dead hearted. Helen reports to Lu Licheng that it's Linda who signed Su man's application form. Su man is really a sheep's mouth this time. Lu Licheng asked Helen to book him a ticket to Qingdao as soon as possible.

Lu Licheng warns Linda that she should not interfere in the affairs of their group in the future. Linda says Su man is only seconded to their group. Lu Licheng said that everyone knows what she has planned to do, but she will not win. Lu Licheng rushed to the airport with his luggage. Helen said that his personal interests would be too much for him to do so? Lu Licheng asked her not to tell anyone about his itinerary.

The stewardess apologized to Lu Licheng that his flight would have to be delayed for two hours due to air control problems. Su man follows Chen Ping into the office and sits closest to him. Chen Ping says that this is not the place for her to sit. Su man says that she has been running with him for a whole morning, and he has been examining himself for so long. Why should he embarrass himself with a position? Chen Ping promised her to sit there. Su man asked Chen Ping why he even signed the letter of intent last time. Why did he break the contract? Chen Ping said that all the VCs they did were human talents. He asked Su man what was the reason for breaking the contract. Su man said that he must have a problem with someone. Chen Ping said that the beautiful woman who came last time was more beautiful than her and more agreeable than her. Su man thinks that the reason why he broke the contract is not so simple.

The plane still can't take off. Lu Licheng calls Su man in a hurry, but the other party can't get through. The flight attendant wakes up Lu Licheng who is asleep and wishes him a safe journey. Su man asked Chen Ping to tell her what was wrong with McGonagall a year ago. She would tailor a new plan for him to ensure that he would create the greatest benefits. Chen Ping said that McGonagall finally found a brain to come over, no longer play with him what kind of beauty trick. Helen called Lu Licheng and said that Mr. Chen had a common compartment in the hotel.

When Su man and Mr. Chen are drinking red wine, Lu Licheng calls. Su man quickly hangs up. Chen Ping asks if she is calling from her boyfriend. Su man denies and says he is his boss. Su man has been drinking with Mr. Chen all the time. She asks Mr. Chen that if he dries the glass of wine, he will sign the plan. When Mr. Chen takes over the plan, Su man holds Su man's hand. Instead of flinching back, he says that others say he is a lecher, but she doesn't believe it, so she puts his hand in his hand. Chen Ping said that Su man has always been very bold, she is a little interesting girl, after the two continue to drink.

Lu Licheng went to the hotel to inquire about President Chen's suite, but the waiter didn't disclose the information. Lu Licheng angrily ordered the presidential suite next to President Chen. Su man pretends to be drunk and Chen Ping takes her to the presidential suite. Su man secretly calls Mrs. Chen when the outside door is opened. Su man hides there and smashes him with a garbage can. Lu Licheng falls on the bed, and Su man accidentally hits him.