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Let's get married. Have we not been found infertile? Haven't we divorced Li Kui?

Let's get married. We haven't been found to be infertile. We don't want to divorce Li Kui. Will they divorce? If we don't, we can't have children.

As expected, carambola promised to take her to the hospital for examination the next day. Li Kui did not see the check list, told her that she was infertile, put forward a divorce, said that at that time marriage was also impulsive, so no one delayed who.

Li Kui told her a secret, saying that he was fostered by his father, and he didn't want children in his bones. He also said that he didn't want children when he married her. He also said that he didn't want to marry her impulsively. He really loved her because he had waited for many years. He was excited to ask why he wanted to divorce him. He hoped to face difficulties together. What he loved was Weiwei, and he said that he was fostered by his father. He would understand. The examination results showed that carambola was in good health. The doctor said that pregnancy was a relaxing mood and that it was time to come.

Carambola no longer struggle, do not go to France, determined to have children, sure enough, have fun. Carambola let as expected also went to the hospital to do an examination, the result came out she pretended not to be good, as expected, opened the report only to find that was teased by his wife. Wei Wei and Li Kui told his father that he couldn't bear children. Uncle Li comforted Weiwei in turn, saying that Li Kui was also a foster. Life went on as usual. In fact, everyone felt miserable. When Li Kui and his father were left, Li asked his son to take responsibility for Weiwei. Li Kui said that in order to comfort Weiwei, he could only say that he was also foster. Li Fu understood that since it had become a fact, he would accept it calmly and laugh at life.

Carambola figured out that as long as she could have a baby this month, she would still have time to go to France to study, but it must be this month that the couple launched active pregnancy preparation activities. Xu Guangmei wants to introduce the reexamination officer to know him as expected. It will be helpful for him to meet him in the evening. As expected, carambola agrees.

Sure enough, Xu Guangmei was not used to socializing. Xu Guangmei took him to see Mr. Jin, the chief executive director who spoke Shanghai dialect and talked incessantly. He also took him to Kong Hai, the Chief Photographer. Finally, he was caught by the chattering manager. The more they chatted, the more happy they were, the more they drank.