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The most beautiful time 11 episode plot: Lu Licheng makes trouble for Su man to stop her transfer fr

The most beautiful time is on the air. Xu Qiu's half sister Xu lianshuang is also a major role. The person she likes and her good friend Su man are actually the same person, and the relationship between them is slowly changing. Then, let's see how complicated their relationship with song Xu is.

The most beautiful time episode 11: Xu lianshuang slapped by her father

When Su man falls down, Song Yi comes forward to care. Su man is moved to cry. Song Yi sighs that she is such a dare to challenge people to cry for a little thing. Su man said that she was his sister in Tsinghua University. He knew that he had gone to the United States after graduation, and there was no news of him again. Did he remember himself? When Song Yi was in a daze, Lu Licheng came out and told Song Yi that the praises in his mouth were all the ideas put forward by Su man and were the result of her cursing at her nose. After Song Yi leaves, Su man criticizes Lu Li. What does Lu Licheng mean by letting her die? Su man accuses him of saying that he can go to the Alex group as long as he has completed the task. Lu Licheng says he has changed his mind and reminds her that no matter what the original intention of her coming here is, please forget that.

After washing up, Song Yi sees the mining report on the table. At this time, he remembers Su man's words in the evening. Then he picks up Tsinghua University and takes care of them after graduation. Lu Licheng tells Hai Lun that the appointment cancelled in the previous closed time will be rescheduled. Huimin's annual leave can be agreed, but she has to make a detailed handover report. A colleague asked Su man whether Lu Shuai was going to be an executive director. Su man said that how could he know? His colleagues said that Su man was a new star mentioned by Lu Shuai, so he would certainly know some inside information.

Helen and Lu Licheng stood outside the executive director's office. Lu Licheng said the color of the carpet inside was too ugly. Helen asked Lu Shuai what color of carpet he liked? Lu Shuai said that it was just a carpet. He could make whatever he liked. Helen goes to ask Su man what color of carpet Lu Shuai likes? Su man asks him to ask general manager Lu how he knows those carpets. Helen said that Lu Shuai secretly praised Su man's taste in clothes. Su man suggested that she prepare a black carpet for Lu Shuai, which was low-key and full of luxury.

Seeing Song Yi get on the elevator, Su man chases after him. She feels sorry for the case of Quan gold mine. If she doesn't suggest Mr. Lu & hellip; & hellip; Song Yi ask her not to do so, because it is a fair competition. I believe that if she goes to her own group, she will do well. Su man asks him to transfer herself to work in their group. Song Yi says that if she wants to work in her own group, she must first get the approval of general manager Lu and then the company. Just as Su man explains, Lu Licheng comes over and Su man stops talking.

The elevator inland Licheng tells Su man to stop dreaming. It's impossible to transfer her away. Su man is angry and asks him why he wants to block himself. Lu Licheng says that he likes her to work in the group. Su man takes the stairs angrily.

Su man invites Song Yi to dinner. When they are ready to walk for dinner, Lu Licheng comes by in a taxi and invites them to dinner. Although Su man strongly disagrees with him, he still follows them to eat French food. During the meal, Lu Licheng and Su man fight fiercely. When Song Yi goes to the bathroom, Lu Licheng tells Su man that as long as she helps her finish a project, he will let her go to the Alex team. Lu Licheng came out laughing after taking a bath. After that, he changed his clothes and went downstairs to Su man's house to ask her to come down.

Lu Licheng said that Su man liked Alex and made the corner digging incident for Alex's sake. He gave up his position as the general manager for the sake of Alex. Suman denied that. Lu Licheng said that as long as she dealt with Eli Chen Ping, she might consider sending her to another group.

When Su man is looking at the Ailey project, her colleagues come to her and tell her that the president says that the project needs not be done. Even the young commander is uncertain. Moreover, Chen Ping is lustful and greedy for money. Su man said that only when he has a hobby can he have a breakthrough.

When Xu returned home, his wife said that Shuangshuang would come back for dinner today. At the same time, she advised her husband that Shuangshuang would like to open an office and let her go. Mr. Xu said that Frost's company was like a kindergarten, and sooner or later she would have to fall a few times. Mr. Xu received the express, but his wife didn't know who sent it. After reading the tickets, Mr. Xu said that it was not what he liked, but what Qiuqiu liked. His wife asked him whether he would go to the theatre in the evening? Mr. Xu said of course. When Xu lianshuang came home, her father asked her how her office was. Xu lianshuang said that it was very good. Her father said that she had been reckless in doing things since she was a child. Besides, her body was not suitable for opening any office. Lianshuang accuses her father that no matter what she does, in his eyes, it is always the one to be compared. After all, no one can argue with her. Mother prevents lianshuang from arguing with her father and says that she will go to the theatre together in the evening. Lianshuang was very angry when she saw the three tickets, accusing her father that they cared about her so much? She had to watch her favorite play when she died. Her family was the miserable world hellip; & hellip; Xu Zhongjin slapped lianshuang angrily.