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The most beautiful time 9 episodes: Huimin disobeys discipline, meets her boyfriend secretly and is

The most beautiful time Episode 9: Huimin almost got fired

After the meeting, Lu Licheng announced to everyone that everyone could take a rest this evening, walk around the hotel and go to work on time at 8:00 in the morning. When Lu Licheng walked into the garden, he saw people's comfortable and relaxed life. When he went to the swimming pool, he saw a woman swimming. The man behind him let Lu Licheng give up, blocking his view of beautiful women swimming. When the woman comes out, Lu Licheng finds out that she is Su man. Lu Licheng invited Su man to dinner in the evening. Su man said that he didn't want to see her again for a minute except during working hours. Lu Licheng said that he was waiting for her to invite him to dinner one day, while Su man said he was delusional.

When Huimin and her boyfriend are in love, Su man comes over to herself. Huimin and Huimin quickly hide. Su man accidentally hits Huimin with a branch. Huimin is exposed. Su man asks Huimin how to contact her boyfriend. She suddenly remembers that Huimin must have contacted her boyfriend by contacting her mother. Su man said that she would never break up the couple and offered to go back to the hotel and bring them a bottle of good wine.

Lu Licheng saw Su man hop back to the hotel, so he followed him. Su man gives the red wine and the candle to Huimin. Huimin is stunned to see Lu Licheng behind Su man. Lu Licheng orders them to go to the meeting room. Su man apologizes to Huimin. She really doesn't know that Lu Licheng will follow her. Her boyfriend advised Huimin not to be afraid.

At the meeting, Lu Licheng told everyone that Huimin lied that her mother was ill and contacted outsiders, which was a serious violation of the regulations. Therefore, she was no longer suitable for this group and asked her to leave tomorrow. Su man yells at injustice, while Lu Licheng says he doesn't pursue fairness. Su man said that they were all locked up to work here. They didn't work more than ten hours a day. Who said what? Because Huimin violated the regulations today, he denied the fruits of Huimin's labor these days. Isn't it too much? Lu Licheng said that he announced the discipline on the first day: he should not contact anyone outside during his work. Su man has a lot of opinions on his doing so. There are only two reasons why he keeps people away from the outside world: first, he is afraid that the personal affairs of the staff will affect his work. 2、 I'm afraid there are commercial spies among you.

Su man criticizes Lu Licheng. Huimin is meeting his fiance today. Lu Licheng is not confident in his employees, which proves that he has no confidence in himself. Therefore, it shows that he failed to be the director. Today, when employees make mistakes, he has to bear half of the responsibility. He broke everyone's heart. If all the people work with emotion, where is the corporate culture? His colleagues stand up to plead for Huimin, and Lu Licheng decides to cancel the punishment on Huimin.

Huimin thanks Su man and tells us that the same thing happened in the company. The employee was directly dismissed from the company. Su man sighs that it's lucky that she won the bet today. Otherwise, Huimin will be hurt. Huimin said that she thought the commander would dismiss Su man today, but she didn't expect the commander to stand there and not speak. Now it seems that the young commander is really aware of his conscience.

At night, while Lu Licheng is cooking instant noodles, Su man goes into the kitchen. They have their own opinions about the so-called "fairness" and "cruelty". In any case, Su man thinks Lu Li's achievement is wrong. She says that she works for happiness, and Lu Licheng says he is too. Su man said that she had changed him, his report and his decision to expel Cai Huimin. What's more, if she was still sitting here listening to him explain to herself, Lu Licheng looked at her affectionately, and then he said good night in her ear.

The staff of the Alex group are talking about that the major commander's group is locked up, and they don't know how they are progressing. Meanwhile, they question whether Alex is really sure to win this time. At this time, Alex comes over with a happy face and tells us a good news: the case he studied two days ago has given us the right and inspiration. If we follow that line of thought, they can do it today Finish the task.