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Fiancee 28 episode plot: monkey twice recommended to be LAN Xiaoyi's boyfriend

When Tian Fei is in financial crisis, will Xiaolu continue to maintain marriage with him? He entrusts LAN Xiaoyi to take care of his cousin. Will LAN Xiaoyi promise to help him? What will happen between LAN Xiaoyi and monkey after he helps Tian Fei?

Introduction to the plot of fiancee episode 28

LAN Xiaoyi takes his cousin to check in. As a result, her cousin follows LAN Xiaoyi back home. Tian Fei came back from the night club drunk and fell in a pile of garbage. Cousin saw blue Miaomiao, blue Xiaoyi warned each other not to tell anyone about the child. Tian Fei sleeps in the garbage heap and dreams about some things he did with LAN Xiaoyi before. Tian Fei comes back home, and Xiaolu suspects that Tian Fei has an affair, and says that Tian Fei is the bad luck, who meets who is unlucky. Small dew gas back home, small dew parents advise small dew not because of this matter divorce, say no perfume is not another woman touch. Xiaolu asks her parents not to leave her, but her father thinks that her two stay will not help anything. After returning home, Xiaolu's mother was very worried about Xiaolu. At this time, her mother said that she planned to make a test tube baby, but Xiaolu's father didn't agree with her, thinking that the child would disturb the family's steps. Monkey came to LAN Xiaoyi's home again, and his parents were very happy.

Xiaoyi's mother asks the monkey to help LAN Xiaoyi find an object, but the monkey says he has found it, but LAN Xiaoyi can't see it. The monkey recommended himself to LAN Xiaoyi's parents. As a result, LAN Xiaoyi's parents said that Lan Xiaoyi was not worthy of the monkey. LAN Xiaoyi is taking a bath for LAN Miaomiao when she suddenly receives a call. Her cousin Tian Fei has an accident and breaks her leg. Tian Fei receives a phone call to leave, but Xiaolu is different. She follows Tian Fei to the hospital and sees the scene of two people talking together. Tian Fei bought a flower for blue Xiaoyi on a rainy night, and was caught by Xiaolu. Xiaolu angrily thinks that Lan Xiaoyi is here for money. Tian Fei is very angry and directly accuses Xiaolu of being troublesome, so her cousin doesn't want to tell Xiaolu that she finds LAN Xiaoyi for help. Xiaolu apologizes, but insists that the other side still has LAN Xiaoyi in his heart. Tingting is discharged from hospital and tells Tian feilan that Xiaoyi has a child. Tian Fei is very shocked. LAN Xiaoyi and a Wen and monkey come to the cafe to talk about his cousin Tingting.

A Wen wants to help LAN Xiaoyi apply for marriage. Monkey recommends himself again. LAN Xiaoyi doesn't make a sound. Ah Wen advises LAN Xiaoyi that the monkey is a good man, but LAN Xiaoyi feels that he is not worthy of the monkey. The monkey's family background is too high, and he will be very hard. The next day, LAN Xiaoyi goes to work. Tian Fei finds LAN Xiaoyi and talks about what happened when LAN Xiaoyi promised to wait for himself. LAN Xiaoyi is very angry and says that Tian Fei wants to wait for himself. As a result, Tian Fei and Xiaolu are married. Tian Fei admits his mistake and says that he wants to start over with the other party and holds LAN Xiaoyi's hands.